Don’t Sweat It: How to stay (somewhat) schvitz-free everyday in Jackson

By Jenna Mahaffie

Let’s be honest for a minute: we all love sitting on the couch. Lying on the couch. Sleeping on the couch. Watching TV. Sometimes all day. And sometimes… yes… when it’s sunny and beautiful out.

Many in Jackson tends to feel guilty about this. You’ll hear people say, “Oh, I didn’t do much today, just hiked up Snow King.” Sure, it’s the town hill, and many locals have been up there countless times. But for plenty of others, getting to the Snow King summit is a physical feat with a view worth 1,000 pictures and probably a few summit selfies.

Jackson is largely recognized, even celebrated, for its level of fitness and activity.  Locals and visitors alike feel constantly obliged to get out there and do something Instagram worthy everyday. But sometimes it’s ok to sit back, breathe in that fresh mountain air, and not sweat a drop. Here are some everyday options to keep your heart rate low and morale high.


  1. Bottomless Mimosas and Bloodys at The Bird: Reward your mountain adventures with a lazy Sunday at the Bird. With bottomless mimosas and bloodys for $15 and a kitchen that stays open till 10 PM (Sundays only!), you could literally stay there all day. For those who want a pre-sweat activity, the Bird’s location is great for biking in the summer, both from town on the bike path or via the Cache Creek/Game Creek trail system for mountain bikers.


  1. The Hootenanny: A local tradition at Dornan’s for over 50 years, the “Hoot” has a dedicated audience and a long list of even more dedicated performers. Order a pizza from the restaurant next door and eat it outside in the summer months, or enjoy the warmth from inside during the winter, when performances are played indoors (often with standing room only).
  2. Free Bowling for locals on Monday at Hole Bowl: Just bring a $20 for your White Russian and you’re set for strikes.


  1. Take the dog up to Turpin Meadows for a little out of town excursion. Obviously not everyone reading this has a dog, but borrow one of the 45 you know and go on an adventure. Turpin Meadows is roughly an hour outside of town, and in the winter there are plenty of groomed trails for cross country skiers, fat bikers, and hikers of all levels. Enjoy a meal or a drink at the lodge when you’re done, or plan to stay the night in one of the ranch’s cute little cabins or chalets for a true little getaway. Turpin Meadows is remote enough to make you feel like you got out of town, but close enough to be manageable and practical.


  1. Trivia: Make your brain sweat a bit. The Roadhouse Taproom offers trivia every Wednesday from 7-9(ish). Winners get a free tab, so bring your smartest friends with the deepest stomachs. The Rose also hosts series of “Cultured AF” Trivia, hosted by local creative maven Andrew Munz. Put your pop culture knowledge to the test.
  2. Bingo at the Elks Lodge: Every Wednesday, the Elks Lodge offers bingo to the public — with cash prizes! There’s a buy-in for a board and a marker.


  1. Drive in the Park: One of the more underrated activities in Jackson (and one that’s definitely free of perspiration) is simply getting in your car and going for a drive! We live within minutes from a beautiful national park, and sometimes all you need as a reminder to never take this place for granted is to watch a bighorn sheep lick the salt off your car.


  1. Hot Springs: We know you know this one and there’s no guarantee you won’t sweat in them, but perhaps one of the best ways to ease into the weekend is a quick drive to Astoria Hot Springs. The natural pools attract locals and impressed visitors and the 10+ sloshie flavors at Hoback Market make for a great treat while soaking.


  1. People’s Market: Shop local! During the winter, the People’s Market is held every other Saturday at the Fairgrounds, and you can check it out in the summer every Wednesday at the base of Snow King.