Dornans Rd, Moose, WY 83012, USA

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  • Shelby Smith   Jul 28, 2020

    Nice place to buy souvenirs and grab food. This is also where you buy your fishing and boating permits. However, it is important to note that you must get your watercraft inspected prior to purchasing the permit, so make sure you do that before hand (which is actually right before the park entrance, so you have to go there first and then come back to Dornan's). Also, permits have to be paid for in cash.

  • Trevor Grant   Sep 21, 2020

    I cannot emphasize enough how amazing the sandwiches here are. The food in Jackson Hole has in general been a huge bummer, but this place redeems the restaurant scene of the entire valley. My only regret from my trip to the Grand Tetons was eating anywhere besides here. Vegetarian and vegan options available, great prices and quality.

  • Jason Tomczak   Oct 25, 2020

    Great little grocery. When I went in October, it was one of the only spots still open north of Jackson. Their selection is really good and the staff were helpful.

  • Xander Skye   Sep 16, 2020

    I love my sandwhich! They have lots and lots of options to choose from! Got the number 7 “the Rodeo” which was beef and a big portion sandwhich and can be shared by two. There are also lots of other stuffs to buy here like drinks and grocery’s. This place is popular and there are some lines at times.

  • Thomas Cox (Tom)   Oct 25, 2020

    I only visited the gift shop, but it was just uncomfortable to be there. It felt like the worker at the counter was staring at us constantly, almost as if she expected us to steal something. All three of us felt this way. Odd vibes. It made us want to leave. Products are fine. Pretty standard. Expensive prices, but that's to be expected from gift shops I guess. I was disappointed in the selection of stickers and shot glasses (things I collect). Cool hats though! I think it could be improved with light music and workers who don't stare at you shopping.

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