Melvin Brewing

Melvin Brewing, Jackson, WY, USA

Melvin Brewing started as a brewing operation in the back of a local Thai restaurant. The idea for Melvin originally developed on the coast of California with a desire to bring West Coast-style IPA to the “west coast” of Wyoming (aka Jackson Hole). These days Melvin Brewing has grown up! They now have a large production facility in Alpine, Wyoming, that is producing and canning deliciously creative brews for distribution nationwide. They also still serve a wide swath of craft beers with a side of hip-hop and kung-fu at their Jackson location, Thai Me Up

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  • Laura Griesbach   Feb 18, 2020

    Great vibe, amazing beer. Our server was helpful and patient.

  • Robert Sanderson   Nov 06, 2018

    So this brewery is in my opinion the best brewery I've encountered. The location of this brewery is in breathtaking country well with the travel and they are growing as they should be. Wonderful job staff. I'll be back soon.

  • A B   Mar 04, 2020

    Pretty good food and beer. Pretty chill atmosphere - so chill they can’t be bothered to change their specials on their website, and also won’t honor them.

  • Jayman Cloward   Feb 14, 2020

    2x4 is the best beer I've ever had. And the food isn't bad either. Service was slow but they were very busy.

  • Nathan Counts   Jun 01, 2020

    Can’t say enough great things about this place - great staff, beer, food (thai), and vibe... they’re doing things right! Hope to go back soon

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