Thai Me Up

Thai Me Up, East Pearl Avenue, Jackson, WY, USA

Relaxed atmosphere. 20 Melvin beers on tap. Full Bar. Noodles, curry, and burgers. Kung-Fu. Hip-Hop. Pet-Friendly. Change it up and have some fun!

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  • Lori Hart   Jan 25, 2019

    Who would have imagined a fusion of Thai and beer pub? We just had to try it. Classic yellow curry paired with a Melvin IPA and DEEP Fried pot stickers loaded with fresh flavors.. The menu is simple but loaded with fresh ingredients and flavor. Yum

  • Erica Lengermann   Jan 01, 2019

    Awesome place. Fantastic service and excellent food. Interesting and delicious food and drink options. Super friendly, efficient, caring wait staff. Just a really cool place.

  • Tim Hart   Jan 26, 2019

    We had an excellent experience here - was pretty crowded but got lucky and got a nice seat. Service was laid back but very attentive. Food is excellent and atmosphere very becoming. Highly recommended when you get to Jackson, WY

  • Kerry Kozelka   Nov 19, 2018

    Excellent beers from Melvin brewing and on site. Friendly service. Decent food but some questionable seasoning combos. Not great for beer enthusiast who wants to try the full range of beer list unless you buy full size pints for the reasonable $3-5 prices. A 4 glass 5oz samplers tray, (price not on beer menu nor did server quote), was real shocker at $12!!--$3 per tiny glass. Shameful overpricing compared to Snake River --8 glasses $16 and even better- the new very good StillWest Brewing at $10 for 8 samplers.!!

  • Justin Mclarnon   Jan 01, 2019

    I don't know what happened here. Last year the manager, and service was great. This year, they messed up our food 2 nights in a row. We'll go somewhere else. Good beer doesn't mean bad service is ok.