Thai Me Up

Thai Me Up, East Pearl Avenue, Jackson, WY, USA

Relaxed atmosphere. 20 Melvin beers on tap. Full Bar. Noodles, curry, and burgers. Kung-Fu. Hip-Hop. Pet-Friendly. Change it up and have some fun!

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  • anju elsa kurian   Nov 02, 2020

    We randomly decided to try this place while we were in Jackson as we love Thai food. We had to wait a while in a long queue to get in. The awesome vibe and food compensated for it.We ordered spring rolls, Pad Thai and Spicy fried rice.The spring rolls looked vibrant and was a treat to eyes but it didn’t excite me much in terms of flavor. The pad Thai and fried rice were bursting with flavors and felt so fresh and overall i could tell it was one of the best meals we had during our trip.The staff were super friendly too.Would love to visit again.

  • Lizzy Solies   Apr 03, 2019

    Cool place. The spring roles Always look bigger in the pictures but they are literally tiny and the size of a quarter and taste like they were frozen and then cut when defrosting. Yellow curry was good. We got the bamboozled and that was fun. Giant 40 oz fish bowl drink on fire. There was a super drunk guy next to is at the bar and that kind of made the experience not as fun. He was a little out of control and obnoxious but the staff was good at trying to get him out of there as quickly as possible without causing any more issues. They are one of the only restaurants in town that seems to be open after 10.

  • Niloofar Hubrich   Apr 10, 2021

    Great Thai restaurant. Both dishes we got were super tasty and delicious. The portion was also good. The dishes are a little overpriced for not containing any protein (it’s between $3-$5 more to add) but at least they were generous on the amount they added. Friendly staff and good ambiance.

  • Lisa B   Jan 11, 2018

    Hands down one of the best curries I've ever had! Seems a bit odd at first to have a Thai place that also makes it's own brews (Melvin Brewery), but Thai Me Up somehow makes it work! We loved the place so much we were back 3 times for dinner in one week. They have an unbeatable happy hour from 5 to 6 where you can order a full meal for around $10 and a $3 beer. The Skid Curry with tofu and General Thai's from the happy hour menu were both excellent. They also have specials Monday through Wednesday with burger or sub and beer for a fixed price. Yes, the curry is spicy so if you can't handle spice then don't order it. We tried many items on the regular menu as well and would highly recommend TMU greens salad, spring rolls, Pad Thai, G-13, and Red Curry with any of the protein additions. Everything was so delicious and the beer was outstanding. With such a vast selection of brews, they definitely have a beer on tap for everyone.

  • Raff Martinez   Oct 13, 2022

    Great beer selection. The food is just amazing, fresh and delicious. Great service and atmosphere. This is a must-visit place even if you don't particularly like thai food. Well deserved 5 stars.

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