B3: The Breakfast Burrito Bible

By Jenna Mahaffie

Generally speaking, Jackson locals are look for two things when it comes to breakfast: convenience and saturation. When you consider those two factors, it’s no wonder that breakfast burritos are pretty much available every half mile in Jackson. From your classic grocery store selection to some of the finer options in town, we’ve done the work required to get you all the beta you need to find the breakfast burrito of your dreams.

  1. Sweet Cheeks: What started as a lazy habit quickly turned into a Tuesday tradition for many in Jackson. Every Tuesday, Sweet Cheeks makes their signature breakfast burrito stuffed with eggs, cheese, meat, and their oh-so-delectable oaxaca gravy. They’re not big enough that you can’t eat them in the car on your way to work, but they’re also not too small — this thing will keep you fueled ‘till lunch whether at the office or the mountain.
  2. The Route 66 Gas Station on the corner of Broadway and 22: One day this winter, I was planning on skiing in the sidecountry at the resort and realized my beacon was out of batteries. In a rush to get ready, buy new batteries, fill up on gas, and eat breakfast, I figured the fastest route to the mountain would probably just be to try and attempt all of these things at the Route 66. Though I had full intentions to just buy a granola bar, I saw their breakfast burrito offering and decided to give it a shot. Going against everything I knew about gas station burritos, I was pleasantly surprised on first bite — these things are made fresh every morning and stuffed with all the cheesy, sausage, eggy goodness that qualify an A+ breakfast.
  3. Creekside Market: While most of us know it for their loaded sandwiches, Creekside needs to get the breakfast burrito justice it fairly deserves. While you might have to be up before the sun to secure one of these bad boys, let’s just say the juice is worth the squeeze! Their burritos are just as packed as their infamous sandwiches and the perfect pre-adventure food for those heading out into the park over the winter or summer.