Sweet Cheeks Meats

185 Scott Ln, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Crissy Waters   Sep 08, 2022

    Great food! Wish they utilized the second door for customer flow so the line didn't get bunched up. Otherwise, people are nice, food is delicious

  • Ian Haney   Sep 09, 2022

    Always the best cuts of meat and lunches in town. Huge sandwich variety throughout the week that no other store comes close to. Fiesta Fridays are a must.

  • Kevin Stambaugh   Sep 04, 2020

    This place is so good that we ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are a whole animal butchery and do specials everyday depending on what cuts they have. Had a breakfast burger that was delicious, this was while waiting for lunch options. They were even better, somewhat of an Asian influence and made it unique and incredible. Got a NY Strip and Mac and Cheese to go. Both were fantastic. Owner is a super nice guy. Go in and order what ever they have as a special, great place!

  • Tel Johnson   Sep 07, 2022

    I'll be 100% honest. You haven't lived until you've had literally anything from Sweet Cheeks. I swear everything they touch tastes like gold. Not to mention they are some of the nicest, laid back folks you'll meet. If you haven't tried a McDowell from Sweet Cheeks, you have homework to do!

  • Tim E   Apr 28, 2022

    Today I learned what a burger is supposed to taste like. Every burger for the rest of my life will be judged by the McDowell standard. And if you think tots are just tots, you're wrong. I haven't had a lunch here that isn't 5 star worthy. Everything is wrapped in foil so it stays hot until you get to to it. It's a small detail but it's thoughtful and appreciated. These folks know their customers. And to top it off the staff is just as friendly as can be. Eat here. As often as you can. Seriously.

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