Bottomless biking makes Targhee the “best”

To find the best biking in Jackson Hole, you actually have to leave it. Drive over the hill to Grand Targhee in Alta.

That’s according to voters in 2019’s “Best of Jackson Hole.” Targhee¬†took home the gold for “best biking.” And Special Events and Summer Trails manager Andy Williams worked hard to make it so.

The secret? Williams builds trails that he likes to ride. And it turns out he has good taste.

“Just a lot of flow, nice rhythm, and good turning radiuses,” Williams said of what he considers fun. He tries to avoid steep climbs if he can in favor of trails that ride well either way you take them.

“This is my 13th year at the resort,” he said. “The trick is just building sustainable trails that are fun to ride.”

“Sustainable” is the other operative word here. The more sustainable a trail is from the start, the less maintenance it will need down the road. A trail “can’t be so steep and rutted that you have to go back year after year,” he said. Especially with all the snow Targhee gets each winter.

A lot has changed in Williams’ 13 years at Targhee. When he started, there were just six miles of shared horse and bike trials. Now, there are over 60 miles of pure biking opportunity. And the increased volume of terrain means there’s something for every level of rider, from the beginner to the downhill pro.

“Each person can enjoy it just as much,” Williams said.

Plus, “You can ride all day long and still probably not ride everything.”

It’s a day well worth the drive. “If you haven’t tried it, you should come try it,” Williams said. And if you haven’t tried it in a few years, you should try it again.

“It’s changed a lot. There are a lot of good things happening.”