Grand Targhee Resort Bike Park

Grand Targhee Resort, Ski Hill Road, Alta, WY, USA

Voted #2 in the Top 5 Best Bike Parks in the Northwest region on three years running! With spectacular singletrack trails winding through wildflower meadows and miles of technical lift serviced downhill trails, Grand Targhee Resort established itself as the first downhill mountain bike destination in the Tetons. But this is only part of the story. With incredible trails both on Teton Pass and at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort the region is slowly and quietly becoming a downhill mecca. During the summer months when the West is sweltering, Grand Targhee and the Tetons might be the most extraordinary, cool temperature riding in the lower 48!

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  • Scott Hansing   Dec 31, 2020

    I grew up in Idaho and Targhee was always the go-to hill for great snow and still affordable compared to its well-known neighbor. As an adult, I brought my family and friends but over the past 10 years, the price has become ridiculous. Grand Targhee will always hold a special place but has become too expensive for the average family.

  • Rose Sorenson   Feb 02, 2021

    Targhee's parking lot completely filled around 8:30am which requires you to ride their shuttle system which is slow and unreliable. Locals are probably aware of this and are able to plan ahead, but there was no obvious warning on their website. I spent an additional 3 hours getting to the resort. I paid for a full day ticket, but was only able to ski a half day as a result. They refused to refund the difference. Very disappointed by the time wasted and the poor/disrespectful customer service team that refused to any attempts at restitution.

  • Roy Andes   Feb 05, 2021

    The good old days are gone. I've been skiing Targhee for 30 years and buying season passes for most of the past 15. Not sure I'll do it again. With global warming, the frequent days of massive powder dumps are over. And with the collectivization of inter-area passes, the crowds and congestion make it undesirable to ski there most of the time. The mountain itself is still stunning with a lot of room for skiers and riders, but the infrastructure (parking, lift service) creates a bottleneck that I'm now unwilling to deal with most days.

  • Justin Stalenski   Jan 16, 2021

    The mountain is great! Lines aren't long like everywhere else (Jackson)but the thing that really made me not like is how much they are getting after people for not wearing a mask. WE ARE OUTSIDE FOR GOD SAKE PEOPLE. There is free flowing air so chill out. Full on adults are yelling at other peoples children in line and it makes the day where you are supposed to be having fun not so fun. But other than that. Its great.

  • Kent Hinchcliff   Dec 29, 2020

    I've never seen such beautiful powder on a ski resort! However I'd take some fat skis if you're wanting to do the hard stuff. There was a lot of powder. But whatever fits your fancy, do it. This is a great place for children!

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