Grand Targhee Resort Bike Park

Grand Targhee Resort, Ski Hill Road, Alta, WY, USA

Voted #2 in the Top 5 Best Bike Parks in the Northwest region on three years running! With spectacular singletrack trails winding through wildflower meadows and miles of technical lift serviced downhill trails, Grand Targhee Resort established itself as the first downhill mountain bike destination in the Tetons. But this is only part of the story. With incredible trails both on Teton Pass and at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort the region is slowly and quietly becoming a downhill mecca. During the summer months when the West is sweltering, Grand Targhee and the Tetons might be the most extraordinary, cool temperature riding in the lower 48!

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  • Brook Conri   Feb 22, 2019

    This is a great place! My fiance and I took his parents here. We did the snowshoeing tour and our instructors was awesome. It started to lightly snow when we started the tour. It was very magical and scenic. I believe this resort has 2 restaurants. We have the nachos which are huge and delicious. Which seemed like everyone else thought so because all the other people in the restaurant was ordering them too. I also had the spiked peppermint hot chocolate, soo good!

  • Robert Kirscher   Mar 18, 2019

    The Trap bar is quite lively and enjoyable. It would deserve 5 stars if service was quicker. Great view.

  • Lisa Schreiber   Mar 15, 2019

    If you want to experience powdery snow in the most incredible, down-to-earth atmosphere, Grand Targhee is the place for you! Every single person we met at this beautiful Wyoming resort was as friendly and welcoming as I've seen anywhere. And all the activities are so well organized. What we loved the most, beyond it's majestic beauty, was how low-key the entire area is. We're not all that interested in the big resorts that have little character. Grand Targhee is a smaller resort with amazing character! This was our first real winter vacation, and it exceeded our expectations! We went out to Targhee to fat bike, and though the weather wasn't conducive to it every day we enjoyed the hell out of it when we were finally able to get on the bikes and ride! We weren't planning to snowshoe, but we ended up doing it twice and it was definitely a highlight of the trip because the scenery was unparalleled and snowshoeing was one of the best ways to see it! Though we're not skiers, we took a couple of snowboard lessons from super knowledgable instructors and had a blast! Next time we'll probably take some ski lessons, as well. But they had so many runs that I can't imagine there not being something for every skill level. We stayed in one of the resort townhouse rentals, and it was super comfortable, quiet, beautiful, well-equipped and an easy drive to the resort. If you're looking for a top-notch, serene, fun winter vacation, Grand Targhee is the place to go! And we here it's just as awesome in the summertime (which we are definitely planning to check out for ourselves)! Thanks to all the wonderful people at Grand Targhee for making our winter vacation so memorable!

  • Deborah Hoffman   Dec 05, 2018

    Grand Targhee is the place to ski if you feel "it is all about the snow" vs a shopping experience. You can always shop at Jackson. I have driven here from Minnesota for four years now for the quality and quantity of the snow. Lift tickets are inexpensive as are the ski lessons. The workers here seem to be happy and proud of the work that they do. The place has a friendly vibe to it. My latest experience was returning a pair of demos I had bought from GT in 2017. I just was not happy with the demos. GT let me put the price into a brand new set of skis. Happy again! I have skied over 20 resorts and I put Grand Targhee at the top.

  • Hannah Clegg   Feb 15, 2019

    I came on a Friday when it had snowed the previous night and was surprised by how few people were there. I had known it was a small resort and expected long lines and many people on the runs however this was not true. Although I can’t seem to put together why all of the runs were so chopped up. Every run had been skied out and though the snow quality was good, the runs were so bumped up that it was difficult for me to enjoy it. If you are a green and blue skier, this resort is great for you. It’s not super vertical and the blacks would be considered blues at most other resorts. For lunch we went to Wild Bill’s Grill and were thoroughly disappointed. The food quality was terrible and definitely not worth the price. The staff throughout the day were very accommodating and friendly. While I appreciated the staff and the few crowds, everything else about the resort was a bit of a let down and I am not sure I would recommend it to many or be back anytime soon.