Zion’s First National Bank

Zion's First National Bank Jackson Wyoming 83001

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  • Gary Hubbell   Nov 05, 2018

    REALLY LOUSY ONLINE BANKING PLATFORM: What a disappointing experience. I had heard that Zions Bank offered quality service, and so, starting my new ventures in Utah, I opened accounts with them. The Zions Bank online banking platform is mired in outdated 1990's technology, with a very poor interface and confusing and poorly planned programs. For example, I opened an account and thought all was well--until I tried to wire out funds from that account. NO! You have to sign paperwork to be able to wire funds, and they need "wet" signatures--unless you fax it in! What is more 1980's than a fax? Do any of you have fax lines? How is that a superior document to a scanned PDF? Yet they WILL NOT let you email a scanned PDF of the same document. What do they prefer? MAIL. How ironic is it to MAIL "wet signature" documents via US Post--guaranteed to be received in no less than 10 days--to the Online Banking Center at Zions Bank. In the meanwhile, I'm trying to wire funds to increasingly impatient customers, and trying to close multiple deals--with NO HELP AT ALL from Zions Bank. I was told that their IT department WILL NOT SPEAK WITH CUSTOMERS at all. That tells me that they are a lazy bunch mired in outdated technology and literally "mailing it in" to make a paycheck. Frankly, THEY SUCK. If you're trying to do your business online, I have a strong suggestion to take your business elsewhere. If I had known this, I never would have opened accounts with Zions Bank.

  • Katherine Mcbride   Jan 11, 2019

    They refused to cash a large check from their institution. I even called ahead to try and schedule a time to pick up the funds. They refused to help me stating they "...did not have that much on hand." I told them to give me every penny they had, and then write a check I could take to another bank of theirs until I got all of my money. I threatened to post the entire story on facebook and... magically, they suddenly had all the funds available. Never bank here... ever.

  • taylor putnam   Jun 02, 2019

    This building is so fun to go in to! It is their first building ever & has a lot of the original work still. Staff is so sweet, friendly, & helpful! Love this branch.

  • shawnthom90   Aug 03, 2020

    It is absolutely infuriating that they will not do updates after hours, or even late at night. So on a Monday morning when it’s incredibly important to be able to access your accounts for the week, they run updates on their website and their app at the same time. Pathetic

  • Stephanie Goold   Feb 07, 2022

    This location is only an atm. There is no lobby option. That is closed.

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