Zion’s First National Bank

Zion's First National Bank Jackson Wyoming 83001

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  • Mark Spradling   Jul 15, 2019

    Glad to have our same bank in Jackson as we do in Texas

  • TF   Oct 07, 2022

    Beware of loan officers at this branch in Jackson, WY. My wife and I were working with Peter Boogaard at Zion's branch in Jackson for a mortgage on a townhouse in that area. During closing, we found several errors in closing documents and had to spend three hours finding all the mistakes to it could close on time. We called Peter to inform him of the several issues at which time he started yelling profanities to us and then hung up on us. Extremely unprofessional. We ended up having to work with his boss in Boise, Idaho to finish the signing process. We will never approach this institution again for any of our future banking needs. I hope that branch and Zion understand the level of unprofessionalism of this loan officer had and can correct it.

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