Yellowstone Forever

United States

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  • Christopher Clark   Aug 30, 2022

    Always love going to Yellowstone. I would suggest going in September when it is cooler though. Split the park into two days. If anything make sure you see old faithful, the grand prismatic springs, mammoth hot springs, and the lower falls on the east side. Also, Huckleberry is everywhere. Buy something safe like honey or preserves

  • kelly pearson   Dec 08, 2022

    There is nothing I can say except, beautiful, awe inspiring, awesome like no other park I've visited before with rivers, mountains, valleys, forest, swamps, marshes, Geysers, and a canyon. It's a big park please take your time to see it all. It will take a week to see this whole area on the tourist side of the park. The thing is you could spend a lot longer like weeks going around to all the different areas of the park. I know we spent over a week, and I still didn't see everything I wanted to see. The views are something everyone should see for themselves. Make sure you can hike as there are a lot of things you have to park and hike to see like geysers. The rangers do a good job of keeping you away from the animals that get too close to the road or camp ground areas. Just remember, this is their home, and we are just visiting. You still have to be alert for dangers. Your phone will only work around the village areas and hotels in the park. You can get an app that will trigger as you driver around the park that has a commentator telling you about points of interest in the park. It's well worth the money on that note. Hope to go back again sometime.

  • Sean F   Sep 29, 2022

    Yellowstone is amazing. Lamar valley was closed while I was there so I guess I'll have to go back. The park has so much to offer, easy trails to advanced. The wildlife was everywhere, the scenery was spectacular. You can see mountains, valleys, plains, forests, and active geological areas that look alien. The visitor centers are worth a stop too.

  • Heather Lee-Deibler   Aug 19, 2022

    Very beautiful. The wildlife are use to people but keep your distance. Geysers are everywhere. We were able to go right in and find a camp site. Lots of hiking trails. You can rent a boat if don't bring your own. Plenty of gas stations and stores with anything you could need. My favorite area is the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. I could not believe how large the Gorge is and how beautiful the waterfall is. There are many waterfalls throughout the park. I enjoyed seeing the fields of many colors with flowers and grasses.

  • Heather Stroupe   Oct 07, 2022

    We traveled to Old Faithful on our first day, stopping at the sights and completing one hike to a waterfall. The second day, we traveled the upper loop. Be sure to start a smidge early and finish up before dinner. Bring twice the socks you wouldn't normally bring to change out of them once you're done hiking. If you are not from a higher elevation, have a can of oxygen on hand -- altitude sickness can hit after a couple of days, and even the town outside the park are at 6500+ ft. There is generally no cell service. Download a map and music for your driving. Plan to extend any drive you take due to slower traffic or animals in the road. Overall, it wasn't too crowded the first week of October. It was much cooler in the mornings and evenings, warranting a jacket, but midday allowed for just long sleeved shirts. Many hikes are quite steep and not looped, so you'll need to climb back up from most of the trails you climb down. Gas is outrageously priced both in the park and in the side towns. Most of the geyser areas smell of strong sulfur. Beautiful sights! Saw bison, elk, a coyote, ravens, and chipmunks.

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