Wyoming Stargazing

1111 WY-22, Jackson, WY 83001

  • Chloe Harlow   Jun 19, 2022

    My husband and I did a private stargazing trip with Dave and Rachel a couple weeks ago and it was such an awesomeeee experience. Dave and Rachel were amazing guides. We loved them! This experience was one of the highlights of our honeymoon! Definitely recommend!!!!

  • Chiara Tondi   Feb 26, 2022

    This was a great experience! We did a star gazing tour this February on an extremely cold night. With windchill, it was about negative 20 degrees F. Our guide Emily first called to make sure we were still okay with going out. We were and she was very accommodating. She made sure to provide mats for us to stand on, hand warmers, and also did a good job of coordinating time outside and time in the van so that we could stay warm. It was definitely cold, but we were really glad we went. Emily was so knowledgeable about the stars, sky, and space in general. She did a great job pointing out interesting things in the sky and helping us learn to identify them on our own (we were able to successfully locate everything she taught us about later on our own). She also did a fantastic job of answering our (numerous) questions about space, even questions that weren’t specifically about the objects we could see in the sky. We learned so much and have a much greater appreciation for the universe now! Emily also did a great job setting up the telescope so we could see things more clearly/things you can’t see with the naked eye, such as other galaxies. She also used a special laser to help point things out in the sky.

  • Dylan Haynes   Jul 17, 2022

    This is such a wonderful program and worth every penny if you have an interest in space/the universe! Our guide. Rachel, also an astrophysicist!, was so fun and we learned a ton of new information. We saw amazing sights from our galaxy and had the best night of our entire trip to Wyoming.

  • Dave May   Jul 06, 2022

    Worth every penny - Nicole our tour guide was personable, knowledge and showed a great depth of understanding of what we were looking at. Could see into deep space with the telescope provided on top of an awesome location just to see all of the stars very clearly with the naked eye. Highly recommend.

  • Caroline Chow   Jul 14, 2022

    We joined the Thursday night stargazing that's open to the public (suggested donation of $10/person) and really enjoyed getting to look at the stars and the moon. My favourite was Spica. The expertise shared by our two guides was interesting and informative. Several groups and families showed up and our guides adapted to the variety of interests and range of ages. Would recommend checking this out - this nonprofit does great work and is worth supporting!

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