Wyoming Outfitters

12 Center St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Linda Toupin   Aug 24, 2020

    What an awesome store! I discovered you on my trip out west in August. I traveled from Lexington, Ky. During Covid it has been hard to find a boutique with a good stock (understandably) You exceeded my expectations! Dagi was delightful to work with and helped me in choosing items to my liking. When I mentioned I would need to ship the items and asked where the nearest UPS or FedEx was located she volunteered to ship from the store at the same cost. SOOO helpful!

  • Rick Hutton   Sep 24, 2022

    If you think you are buying something on sale, check your receipt before leaving the store! The tag said 50% off but we were charged full price. Good thing we checked as we are not local. Funny but the same thing occured at another store 15 minutes prior. Don't be distracted while paying for your purchase! Be careful in this town.

  • Lauren Jeffers   Dec 24, 2022

    Went with my family on vacation, we were super excited to buy souvenirs and fun stuff…when we walked in a shorter fat woman with dark hair locked the door behind us…we were absolutely appalled. Message received Wyoming Outfitters. Don’t go here if you want to be followed around the store the whole time. They think you are stealing. Not where you should spend your hard earned money.

  • Cortney Iverson   Dec 13, 2022

    I am visiting Jackson for vacation for a few weeks- This store had some really beautiful winter wear! Unfortunately I came in to look in my post-hunting apparel (which I assure you cost the same amount or more as items in this particular store) with that being said an older female employee scowled at me a few feet behind my view in every section (not just one or two) of the store I looked. Once I noticed it was reoccurring, I realized this store must only like "certain types" of customers.

  • Stephanie Ashley Lynch   Oct 20, 2022

    Cute store with a good selection overall. I was going to buy a lightweight jacket there made by Rab as local stores in my area don’t sell this brand and I always love their quality. We did not appreciate the older associate obviously stalking my sister and I as we were shopping… so I will just order it online. She also made it obvious that we were not welcome by telling us to have a good day while we were still at the back of the store… Prices a little high in general but standard for the companies that are offered there.

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