Wyoming Dinosaur Center

110 Carter Ranch Rd, Thermopolis, WY 82443, USA

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  • Bruce Green   May 29, 2022

    This dinosaur museum is the biggest and best I've seen. We were here 2 yrs ago but because of covid they were closed. We took this trip again to see what we didn't see last time. Displays were fantastic with dinosaurs I hadn't seen before. Pay the few extra bucks to tour the dig site about 10 minutes away in the hills.

  • L Diamond   Aug 09, 2022

    Fun little museum with fossils. We mainly went for my 8 year old but she lost interest pretty quickly. My 11 year old was fascinated. We were unable to go to the dig site. I think it would have been more interesting for my younger kids if we had. My kids enjoyed watching the workers clean off the fossils in the lab. Nice gift shop as well.

  • Amber Holland   Jul 06, 2022

    We stumbled on this place on our way to Colorado and wow it blew us away. My boyfriend had so much fun nerding out over all the fossils. We did the extra tour to the dig site and it was very informative and interesting. I would plan 2-3 hours to do the whole museum if you are a big fossil fan. It’s a small place but they really pack it all in!

  • Allen Bartell   Aug 19, 2022

    The quality of exhibits is outstanding. Each display tells a story. This isn’t a museum just telling you the name of a dinosaur and where it lived. They tell stories about how species lived and interacted with the ecosystems. I learned a lot as did my kids. If I was just rating the quality of the museum it would be 4.5. It needs a few more hands-on kid centered activities to be a 5. The quarry is a separate tour and charge. We didn’t realize that until they announced the tour departing. By then it was sold out. So we missed out on that. Which leads me to the quality of staff greeting visitors as they enter. They two we encountered seemed detached and uninterested or poorly trained. We were not greeted, the ticket options were not clearly explained. I tried asking questions and it was like pulling teeth to get answers. And later when we tried to buy a pretzel the response was, “we have no idea if they are good.” I don’t even Know what that meant. If I judged the facility on the quality of staff I encountered I would give it a 1. Don’t let staff with bad attitude distract from the overall quality of the museum. Also, billboards advertise “kids dig” but it isn’t like you can just walk up and sign your kids up to dig. These are booked in advance, periodic events that cost a fair amount. I was pretty disappointed in that.

  • Stephanie M Teran   Aug 07, 2022

    Absolutely wonderful. The museum is small enough that you can get through every exhibit within a couple of hours and the kids will not tire. Staff and volunteers are so helpful and sweet. We will be back next summer for another dig, too!!

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