Wyoming Dinosaur Center

110 Carter Ranch Rd, Thermopolis, WY 82443, USA

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  • Stephen Miller   Jun 06, 2023

    We purchased the Dig For a Day, and it was absolutely amazing. Our Dig was at a site where a Diplodocus was fossilized, so there was an astounding amount of fossils at the surface, and we got to continue working to excavate them. Our guides were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and worked well with both kids and adults. After lunch, we had additional time to move to another site and then return to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center for a tour of the museum.

  • Esther Wilcken   Jun 19, 2023

    Our Kids did the kids dig and had a blast with all the activities. The dig site was rained out when they went, so we went a couple days later and got to dig as a family. It was a lot of fun! I was a little worried because they serve them lunch and my kids are picky eaters, but they figured out what all the kids would eat before the parents left. It was well organized and a wonderful experience! I don't know what general admission is, but the kids dig was $100 each and the shovel ready all ages dig was $80/each. The kids have a whole bag full of souvenirs from the kids event too.

  • Shellie Rodgers   Jun 21, 2023

    What a fun museum! We kinda rushed (skimmed vs thoroughly read) the exhibits but when we return to Thermopolis we will allow us more time. We also got to watch them (behind glass) work on the fossils! Awesome gift shop and bought some great stuff! I'm super excited about the malachite stone box to stash goodies!

  • Jade Rose   Aug 22, 2023

    Tons of authentic fossils and bones. It's a fair sized place. I was so happy with my experience here. We didn't do any of the digging you're able to do here, but getting to see the inside and learn a lot is plenty. Really incredible place.

  • Emilie Garrelts   Jul 25, 2023

    Our family had a great time looking at all the cool dinosaur bones in this place! The info cards were interesting and the variety was very cool. They brightened up the entrance section and added many more items than our last trip about 7 years ago. They have a play area and tables at one end where you can still see the kids walking around. The gift shop had a nice selection and was reasonably priced. The bathrooms were clean and the facility was well kept. We enjoyed adding our pin to the map and seeing where everyone was from.

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