Wydaho Mobile Vet

8000 E Easy St, Evansville, WY 82636, USA

  • Mike D   May 22, 2023

    Took my cat to regular vet clinic. (Will not mention name). He wasn't eating, lethargic, hiding. Felt something was wrong. $488 later (3-1/2 hrs) They wanted to keep him through the weekend and made it sound like his chances were slim. Said it would be about $1600. Dr James looked at him, said he didn't think he was terminal. Prescribed some medication, gave me 1000ml of fluids and a can of cat food to try. Oh, and it was almost 6:30 when I got there. Cost me $66. That was 2 weeks ago. I've given him about 120ml of fluids every 3 days. He's eating, drinking being himself. Now, Dr James didn't do blood work but, I have a feeling it wouldn't be nearly as expensive. No $45 emergency fee (my cat has been going to the same clinic for 15 years). Most importantly, I felt like my buddy of 17-1/2 years had a fighting chance. Just needed some special care for a bit. THAT means a lot.

  • KayCee M   Feb 04, 2023

    I absolutely love Dr. James and his staff. They are very sweet and helpful. I took my cat there and they diagnosed her with cancer. He was so kind and very gentle with her and my feelings towards everything. I will always recommend them to anyone for your fur babies.

  • Dan Uresk   Jan 07, 2023

    Dr. James and his staff are the best. Took care our dog many times and got her in after hours as well. Thanks for all that you do and really appreciate the amazing service and care we received.

  • Shanan Reed   Dec 07, 2022

    Dr James and his staff are the absolute best. I haven't been a client with him for very long but I'm not going anywhere until he shuts his doors! He had the most respectively attitude and compassion with my Maycee May when I had to make that decision that no animal parent want to ever do. I have since then gotten a new pup and a kitten that adopted me and he's been so sweet to my babies. I highly recommend him and his staff for your vet needs.

  • Montana Tate   Sep 26, 2021

    He has been my vet for over 13 years he took care of my 13-year-old miniature Dotson before he passed. Plus he took care of my daughters God parents Corgis all the letters that they had and plus my mom‘s dog he’s a really great bet he’ll even come to you if need to we get along really good . I still owe him for the last surgery he’s done on my dad‘s in Snoopy Tate . And I will pay him back and I ended up with another dog and I’m going to be taking the dog out to him to do is the best Vet that I’ve met !!🐶🐱 Plus I like his masters how it goes out to the side and Carol always like it

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