Wright Training

Wright Training, South Park Drive, Jackson, WY, USA

Wright Training is about increasing strength, preventing injury and increasing overall performance for the mountains and recreational activities. We strive to meet all personal goals through individualization.

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  • Brooke Edwards   Oct 14, 2022

    I live in Alaska and have no gyms nearby so working with the team at Wright Training has been crucial to helping me train for ski season ! Online helpful videos make working out anywhere so accessible ! Thanks Crystal for holding me accountable for staying healthy !

  • C S   Jul 01, 2022

    I was definitely intimidated at first to try it out because I was so out of shape. But the trainers are great and so friendly and encouraging! Even in group classes they somehow make the time to give you individualized attention and adjustments you may need. I feel like I'm making really great progress. And PS. Women should never be scared to start lifting weights. There's nothing that will make you feel more badass than being able to lift the heavy stuff!

  • Maureen Molinari   Sep 01, 2022

    I love working out at Wright Fitness! The trainers are professional and kind, yet push when I need it :). One of the benefits of working out at Wright Fitness is the emphasis trainers put on form to prevent injury. The trainers always watching, correcting, and tweaking for optimal results.

  • Tracey Schulze Heilbrun   Sep 02, 2022

    Best gym in Jackson and Victor hands down!! I've been working out consistently at Wright Training for six years because owner, (Crystal Wright) and all the trainers are professional and extremely knowledgeable about the body, they watch my workout form carefully, retro-fit workouts and challenges to my level and specific to my mountain sports. It's a lot of fun at Wright Training and everyone feels like family!

  • Justin Shaber   Apr 13, 2024

    How can I even explain how amazing this gym is? As someone who has always been decently active, this place took my health and fitness to the next level. I am in the best shape of my entire life and that includes a year of college sports. Everything at Wright Training is taken care of for you. All you have to do is show up. They show you how to do all the exercises. They have modified exercises for any injury you may have. And the community there is the absolute best part. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. It feels like family in there and I can honestly say I’ve made wonderful friends here. This isn’t a hardcore yell in your face CrossFit gym. This is a family run, incredibly supportive, keep you honest community. The bottom two photos were taken 8 months apart. I went to Wright Training 3x a week for one hour each time and didn’t eat any added sugar. That’s it. This place changed my life.

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