Wind River Job Corps Center

4200 Airport Rd Riverton, WY 82501-8200 United States

Opened in 2015, the Wind River Job Corps Center is one of the program’s newest and most modern campuses. The center is located on 135 acres surrounded by the beautiful Wind River mountain range in the middle of the Wind River Indian Reservation. It is a rural setting that sits on top of the city, with beautiful views.

  • Hannah Bunker   Feb 14, 2023

    Campus is beautiful. The leadership is encouraging and it’s the best job I’ve ever had. Our students are amazing and work hard to complete their trades. It’s a wonderful opportunity for young adults between the ages of 16-24 years old. Students can choose from Welding, Heavy Truck Driving, Carpentry, Electrical, Petro, Building and Construction, Heavy Equipment mechanics, Heavy equipment Operators and Medical. Our students are my favorite part of my job. They’re amazing!

  • Ducking Polkadots   May 26, 2017

    If you work hard, and have little to lose from staying for the year it takes, this program will be like a godsend. The food can be questionable, but it has never made me sick and I'm happier with it than nothing. The beds are also bleh, so consider saving up for a mattress pad. Rude students sometimes lead to staff overturning too often, so please don't be a part of that. Leadership and the activities are really fun if you participate. Other people can be hard to get to know, but kindness goes a long way.

  • Dawson Roth   Aug 30, 2023

    My name is Alex Roth this place is a nightmare they are all ways talking about how much they care about the students here but they don’t I have been heckled about me being nonbinary I have talked to people multiple times they promise ,change for the better and that they care about the students. That is the farthest from the truth the let kid act like it’s a high school when it’s not they allow kids to be bullied but god forbid you swear this place need a complete overhaul in admin so someone can actually get something done

  • ellen river   Oct 11, 2023

    as a residential student, you are treated more like a maximum security inmate than a trade school student. this is especially detrimental for those who chose to come to this facility of their own free will because there is no freedom of any sort. the food is sub par and as far as actual trades go, forget the whole "self paced" aspect because it isn't. this place is just false advertising at its finest. mental health and just general wellness care is treated as if it's a joke. there has been a bed bug epidemic here on campus for at least 45 days now and very little has been done to resolve it. overall, if you have the choice between wind river job corps or anything else, choose the other avenue. this place will make you lose your mind, and i think the 4 suicide / attempts in the last 90 days speak for themselves. THAT BEING SAID; this place is free.

  • Patty Granlund   Feb 15, 2023

    Job Corps is what you put into it! Nothing in this world is handed to you on a silver plate, but, this program is a WONDERFUL opportunity! I feel blessed to be a part of our students journey to employability and high paying jobs.♥️

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