Wind River Hotel & Casino

Wind River | Hotel & Casino, 10269, WY-789, Riverton, WY 82501, USA

We are located in the heart of WY. Have fun at our table games or slot machines. 90 room hotel, 3 restaurants, gift shops, adventure packages for you.

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  • Crys Mae   Oct 24, 2018

    This is my favorite casino to go to. My family and I all have so much fun. The payouts at the slot machines are really good. I wish more casinos were like this... Better payouts = More business. The staff members are all really friendly and respectful. Great food at the restaurants, hotel is nice and clean, the beds are super comfy. It is also kid friendly, which is a huge plus. I seriously can't say enough about how great this place is. You have to check it out for yourself! One tiny thing is it is a dry casino, no alcohol. But still totally worth the visit! :)

  • Thomas Dewey   Dec 22, 2018

    I have never stayed at the hotel portion of this place, I have visited the casino and the restaurant several times before. The casino has several card games such as blackjack and poker they also have slot style games too bet on. they have two parts to gamble in one smoking and one non-smoking. The non-smoking portion is quite small and they smoking area is larger and smells of smok most of the time. The restaurants are pretty good the red Willow is more fancy than the other one though the other is cheaper and they have a Mongolian grill which I quite like. Overall it is a good place to spend a few bucks, eat and have some fun if gambling is your thing.

  • Rob Underwood   Nov 24, 2018

    Wind River Casino and Hotel is much smaller than had expected. 95% of the casino is video-based, with only 4 blackjack tables, 2 Texas hold em tables, 1 roulette table and 1 three card poker table. Food was acceptable, but not interesting. People are nice, and the hotel room we stayed in is Best Western Plus comparable.

  • Renae W   Nov 07, 2018

    Every time I go here I have always had a great time. I have won a good chunk of change on two separate visits, and have been able to win enough to play for hours and still break even on other visits. I have yet to meet a staff member who wasn't friendly, helpful, or professional. Thanks Wind River

  • Kyle Wolfman   Feb 03, 2019

    Hey its a nice thought, but I wouldn't waste your time on the table games, too many stupid little rules that totally wreck the whole fun experience of it. Now that's not to say there isn't potential here. First thing, the whole not two hands on the cards is too much. Second, laid is played so as soon as I set those cards down it's over, what if I want to take a dip or what ever, I have to basically forfeit that hand in order to perform normal environmental acts. I came in with 50 cash fully intending of using up all of it, i basically threw 25 dollars down and walked. You know it's not good if I can't even gamble out 25 without wanting to leave. I repeat I only play card tables, so if you like other stuff you may still be in luck