White Buffalo Club

White Buffalo Club Jackson Wyoming 83001-1254

Only three blocks from charming Town Square, enjoy one of Jackson’s nicest luxury hotels full of Western charm & a modern American steakhouse too!

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  • Daniel Parsons   Jan 20, 2021

    Great experience! Beautiful hotel, great location, and wonderful service

  • Chris McBride   May 29, 2021

    Service was good, bread was very good. We both had the 8oz Filet and it was excellent. We also got the Mac and Cheese side but it was underwhelming. My wife got a vodka martini and it was also very good. Overall a good experience and the steaks were well worth the price. We'd get a different side, but for an upscale dining option in Jackson, we were happy with the visit.

  • Jeremy Polson   Jun 06, 2021

    BEFORE YOU BOOK A MILLER PARK SUITE, READ THIS! On the website only one suite is shown which has a lovely park/mountain view and a private balcony. Only one room is shown so it seems that this is the only suite option. I was very excited about the view and room so had no problem paying the $500 per night (with taxes and fees). My reservation confirmation said I was booked in Miller Park Suite 201. Imagine my absolute shock when we check in, and walk into our suite- room 306 (changed with no explanation)which has a view of.....the hotel wall 10 feet away from our SHARED balcony. We go talk to the front desk and are told the rooms are on a "lottery system" that can't be controlled. When we ask why a Park view room costs the same as a wall view room or why NONE of this info is on the website we receive a generic "we need to update the website". Eventually we are put in contact with the operations manager Karen who says she will call us back. We did not receive a call back and went to talk with her face to face on Sunday. We did not want our room to be moved, we simply wanted a realistic price adjustment for our complete lack of view and were told nothing could be done. This is greedy, dishonest business. In what 4- star Jackson Hole hotel does a park view room cost the same as no view? Before you stay here make sure you call and confirm you are not in suite 306, it's not what you want. Update your website and take accountability for deceiving your customers. There are far better hotels in this town that would have made this right.

  • Roy Patrick (Patrick Investments)   Dec 06, 2021

    Wagyu burger, brussel sprouts, fries, duck macaroni were all delicious! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • Erika Degner   Jul 30, 2021

    We made a reservation for dinner on 7/24, expecting an upscale steakhouse as we were celebrating a birthday and our recent marriage. The restaurant was nearly empty and we were offered 2 tables to sit at. We chose a more private setting to be quickly told that was a mistake and the table was not available. It went downhill from here. We sat front and center, under harsh lights (we were hoping for a more romantic, high-class vibe) directly next to the host stand. The server was very kind, but seemed EXTREMELY frazzled. He was late serving a neighboring table food and seemed to be the only one working? For the prices on the menu, this establishment should be able to at very least hire someone to clear plates or seat tables (particularly on a Saturday night). When I asked about the online menu, I was told the item I wished to eat was no longer available because they have been having trouble updating the website. What? I know small business that take more care of their website than this and its a 4 star hotel. The server did comp us 1/2 off of our bottle of wine for the inconvenience of the visit, which was fantastic, but even with this discount, the quality of the food was not worth the large bill we paid. If you are looking for a quick business lunch, this might be the spot, but there are 15 better restaurants within a stones throw of this one. I highly recommend going elsewhere.

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