White Buffalo Club

White Buffalo Club Jackson Wyoming 83001-1254

Only three blocks from charming Town Square, enjoy one of Jackson’s nicest luxury hotels full of Western charm & a modern American steakhouse too!

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  • Paul Leccese   Oct 17, 2022

    This is actually meant for the White Buffalo restaurant, not the hotel. WAY over priced for poor service and steak that was fatty and not very good. For a salad, steak, potatoes and glass of wine prepare to pay about $250 with tip. When 2 pretty girls showed up to a corner table, our waiter pretty much forgot we were there. Will never return.

  • Haley Deacon   Dec 21, 2022

    Disclaimer I am not someone who routinely posts negative reviews. I have done one in 30 years. Backstory-A small group of coworkers from the greater Seattle area who are ICU nurses plan a small winter getaway after working through Covid in 2020. Our hospital then denied out of state travel. 2021 was our year to work holidays, so behold, December 2020, we plan to make this trip happen! Third times a charm! It turned into a series of unfortunate events. Stay November 30-December 3rd Called ahead to schedule airport ride. Website is listed as a small fee. On the phone with Tom, I asked what the small fee would be and he said it ‘wasn’t busy season so it’s complimentary.’ I clarified twice on phone it was complimentary. Unfortunately, all of our luggage was lost-no fault of the hotel. Check in: We are clearly in our airport clothes with no suitcases. It is late, dark, and a winter storm is in effect. We ask for directions to their restaurant (as to not walk anywhere). We are then told the restaurant is closed during slow season. We ask about room service, also, no room service during slow season. This was not advertised anywhere on the hotel website. Both restaurant and room service are listed under amenities. Next morning, still with no suitcases with our winter clothes, we were told they didn’t do a shipment of food/supplies for the advertised complimentary breakfast because it’s not busy season yet. We were told about ‘$10 muffin shop’ a few blocks away where we could get something. During our stay we were made to feel unwanted at the hotel, experienced very negative attitude as we were told of places closed, that the main bar in town was reserved for private party, etc. Lack of transparency. Made to seem like it was our fault for being there during ‘slow’ season for the lack of basic amenities, even though it was advertised on website. Check out: we got our surprise taxi charge. We Complained and were told we would get a 15% refund (299$). Told that your shuttle was in the shop for repair. It is wildly inappropriate to advertise as free shuttle and then because it is out of service, charge guests taxi fee without telling them. Notified front desk worker of malfunctioning phone operating system. December 6th-I got a notification from credit card company that the refund was canceled and will not process or post to my account. December 8th- I called to speak to management- reinforced that phone operating system was malfunctioning. Desk workers would not transfer me to management, give me their phone number or email address. I Got called back by Tara. She Listened and understood frustrations. Was going to seek further refund and look into why refund shows canceled on my end. ‘Not surprising’ we felt one front desk worker was Scrooge like. I asked for her email and she read my email back and told me she would email me so I could send proof of cancellation. Assured me she would reach out to financial and call me back the next day. December 9th -12th no email or phone call. December 13th- I left two voicemails. Call back from Tom. I was told to ‘ride it out’ And My bank must be at fault. Informed of malfunctioning phone for third time. Transferred to manager line and asked to have manager call me back. This is when Email exchange started. Tom provided me with an email for the first time. Over the next week, multiple email exchanges happened. They apologized for their lack of communication, not getting back to me as they assured. I informed them I had worked at length with my bank institution and credit card company, there is no refund on my account. They would go days with no communication. After a week of emails, and me asking multiple times for any contact information of someone higher in authority I was told they had nothing more to say, as they have looked into it and are unsure why it’s reading as a canceled refund.

  • A G   Sep 22, 2022

    Don’t let this 5 stars FOOL YOU also. I would give 0 stars after my interactions booking a suite. I’m getting married next year in Jackson Hole, dream/destination wedding and booked the “Pearl” Suite within the WBC. I received an email last week that informed me that the owners are giving us one option to relocate from our suite. I was confused and looked for other options as this was a major point of our groomsman and groom getting ready/pictures and expressing our situation. After lots of back and forth trying to come up with a solution and denying the option they gave us which had no view and not nearly as nice as the suite we booked months in advance i was told, “ that the owners have taken back this offer, in fact they have also decided that they will be taking their unit and we will be requiring to relocate your stay. This unit will no longer be available.” I was given the offer less than 24 hours ago for the groomsman etc. to come in for pictures only. This was not an option either as they were going to be getting ready in the suite before the wedding. if you have been married you understand the process of the pictures & groomsman. They took back this offer less than 24 hours after offering it. This review is solely about the Owners of the suite. If you get as far as myself they will turn you around months after making your reservation and putting a hefty 50% deposit down. Think twice. I had a lot of help from the assistant director of sales from Ravello Media and am appreciative of HER professionalism.

  • Christi Yannelli   Jan 03, 2023

    Wonderful accommodations right in the heart of downtown Jackson. The facilities and staff were kind, inviting, clean and helpful. I also enjoyed the gym and got a great massage there. We also enjoyed the restaurant. I highly recommend this place!

  • Erin A   Sep 18, 2022

    I usually don’t write reviews, but after reading the negatives I feel the need to share our experience. My husband and I have nothing but great things to say about this hotel. Our room was spacious and modern. Everyone was friendly to us, including restaurant staff. The washer and dryer in the room was so nice to have especially after a few days in Yellowstone and the Tetons. They offer yoga and a small breakfast in the morning. The restaurant downstairs was incredible and location relative to downtown was perfect. I wish we could have stayed longer but we will be back!

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