Western Wyoming Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery

62 Redmond St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

A dermatology office with brilliant and personable providers and a warm and caring staff. Providing comprehensive medical care for your skins needs!

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  • dan b   Mar 06, 2023

    A very comfortable and through full body exam. The recommendations and treatment plan sounded excellent to me and I went ahead and set up a follow up appointment.

  • Adam Devine   Jan 10, 2023

    I got into a bar fight (bar = poorly placed towel bar in a bathroom) and walked away (embarrassed) with a pretty deep cut on my forehead. Being vain and anxious, of course my first thought was, “will I have a scar that I have to explain the rest of my life?” So I called this office and asked for advice. The attending nurse welcomed to come by and be seen by Dr Cobb, who evaluated my wound, covered it with those clear space-age looking sutures and explained how to minimize the appearance of the scar. When I got the front desk, I was simply told to have a great day. No paperwork, no insurance, no payment. This tells me many things about Dr Cobb, her team and the culture she’s built: she’s dedicated to her craft and cares about people, she’s generous with her time and expertise and knows when to charge, and her team are happy and care about people as much as she does. I’m a visiting New Yorker with dreams of relocating here, and now I have even more than the mountains and the wildlife as a draw: I have good values and a sense of community. Almost makes me glad I hit my head, and if there is a scar, I know what it will stand for.

  • Casey   Mar 02, 2023

    Dr. Cobb and her staff are fantastic. They take great care of their patients and find the best solutions for them. I’ve been to different dermatologists in Jackson and none hold a candle to this office.

  • Susan Bushong   Jun 01, 2023

    First visit with Jennifer Fritch PA-C and she is terrific! I felt listened to and she addressed all of my skin concerns. She's easy going and competent. Highly recommend Jennifer for ski care.

  • Bill Reiter   Oct 18, 2023

    Very efficient office and staff! The wait time was minimal and all were very pleasant! Dr. C was very knowledgeable and answered all my concerns. Very pleasant office visit!

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