Westbank Anglers

Westbank Anglers, Moose Wilson Road, Wilson, WY, USA

Since 1985, Westbank Anglers has been guiding fly fishing trips in the Greater Yellowstone and Jackson Hole area. Westbank provides all of the equipment as well as exceptional local guide service. Their fly fishing retail store is located on the Village Road. For a beautiful, rewarding day out on the river, Westbank is the business to call.

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  • adam kruger   Sep 09, 2019

    What an amazing trip. I fished for 3 days with Dean Burton from Westbank. I'll say that the guides I have fished with in MT and WY are among the most professional that I have ever fished with and Dean is at the top of that list. We fished the Snake and the South Fork. Not only were the trips amazingly beautiful, but Dean knows where the fish are. Hands down one of the best fishing trips I've ever been on. Can't recommend these guys enough.

  • kyle denning   Jul 30, 2020

    Not all that helpful. Shop is not open.

  • Jamie Smith   Jul 24, 2020

    Terrible Fly Shop. The staff is INCREDIBLY RUDE. GO TO SNAKE RIVER ANGLER IN TOWN. Please support SRA a Fly Shop as they supports our community. Please do not support WBA as they are a thorn in our communities side.

  • Graham Scott   Jul 03, 2020

    I’ve been a Wyoming resident and WBA customer for 30 years, and they lost my business forever today. I simply went in to get a fishing license, as I do every year (which they have on file). I presented valid government ID and was told they couldn’t give me a license. When I persisted, knowing that they could, I was treated with little to no respect and was told I had an “attitude” when all I did was ask for a fishing license and answer their questions. Ultimately they gave me the license, which I knew they could, yet they continued to argue rudely with me. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. NEVER GOING BACK TO WESTBANK ANGLERS AGAIN.

  • Jon Hill   Sep 15, 2020

    Great day out today with Dale - 20 fish in the boat on the Snake River. Great weather - very helpful and tolerant of relatively inexperienced fly fishers. My wife and I really enjoyed our day both with him and of course any day with 20 fish is amazing.

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