Westbank Anglers

Westbank Anglers, Moose Wilson Road, Wilson, WY, USA

Since 1985, Westbank Anglers has been guiding fly fishing trips in the Greater Yellowstone and Jackson Hole area. Westbank provides all of the equipment as well as exceptional local guide service. Their fly fishing retail store is located on the Village Road. For a beautiful, rewarding day out on the river, Westbank is the business to call.

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  • Ryan Stembridge   Dec 21, 2018

    Great, friendly, & knowledgeable staff.

  • Juliet Mullins   Feb 17, 2018

    Had such a great day on the snake with our guide Tim! The instruction was great, lunch was fantastic, and the fishing was phenomenal. This is the first time I've booked a guided fishing trip so I had no clue what to expect, I was absolutely blown away. Really glad I went with a full day trip instead of the half day. Absolutely worth it! Would recommend to anyone visiting Jackson Hole and looking to fish!

  • Kent in Texas   Jul 11, 2017

    Awesome fly shop for the Jackson WY area! Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Very reasonable prices on their flies!

  • Joseph Lowry   Aug 03, 2017

    The #1 rule of manhood is a man never breaks his word to a boy. In January if this year, 7 months in advance I booked a full day of fly fishing for my wife, our 12yo grandson and me to take place during our visit to Jackson this summer. This call can be attested to by my business partner and our executive assistant who were seated with me in our conference room at the office at the time the call was made and heard the conversation take place. On the morning of the day before, I called Baker to confirm our arrival and our pick up time the following morning. He claims not to have had a record of the booking. While no money was lost, a boy's hopes were dashed and a grandfather's promise to his grandson was broken. To make matters worse this is the busiest season for outfitters and it was impossible to book anywhere else. Upon informing the activities desk at lodge I was told that a similar experience was had by a previous guest who had booked with him a year in advance. If I have my way he will never receive another referral from anyone at Jackson Lake Lodge again.

  • Terry Eckel   Mar 30, 2013

    Helpful staff in fly shop. Wonderful day on Snake river with my son. Good prices, quality guide. Will repeat.