UPS Store, The

970 W Broadway # E, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Anna Meteyer   Feb 28, 2019

    The staff at this UPS store are exceptionally invested in their customers’ experience not only in their store but throughout the entire shipping process. I came here a couple months ago to ship an incredibly important, original piece of artwork. Unfortunately, somewhere in California, the piece went missing. I was devastated, but the team at the Jackson Ups Store were so empathetic and invested in helping me resolve the issue, that it brought me so much peace of mind during such an upsetting event! They made me feel like I could trust them with this sensitive matter, that they would do everything in their power to right the situation. They were kind and efficient in getting UPS to pay out my insurance that I had bought for the item, and made sure all shipping costs were returned as well. Three weeks later, the piece reappeared! They called me immediately and we were able to resend the original artwork. I am so appreciative of them and highly recommend their services over other mail carriers in Jackson! John in particular was so kind and took the matter to heart. Thank you for everything! Anna

  • Joanna Pahlow   Jul 14, 2021

    Horrible experience! My husband had a package redirected here. He paid $40 on the UPS site. There was no tracking updates and if you called UPS it stated it was delivered to the previous location. This store couldn’t or wouldn’t help and just told us to call UPS. They also couldn’t help. Nobody knew where the package was. When it finally showed up the store said they didn’t know what to do with it. My husband called and the person left him on hold, never came back. We drove up to get it and they made him pay $5, to retrieve it. Why? What did they do??? UPS really needs to work on this, not only are the employees in the store not trained to handle this situation, it gives the impression the company as a whole just doesn’t care. This package contained important medical equipment that my husband needs. It is a small package.

  • Nikki Malatin   Jul 15, 2020

    This store has the greatest service! I made a huge mistake and gave them a USPS prepaid package. They didn't even bat an eyelash. They took it and mailed it for me. All that I bought was the printing for the label. They secured the label on the package and mailed it. Also, they are excellent with Amazon returns. This place is an asset if you are traveling and need help with any shipping needs.

  • Evan Patoray   Aug 09, 2022

    I had to close on a house and the store was able to provide a notary and they let us set up all of our documents on a desk TK organize them and were so helpful in getting us taken care of.

  • Teton Protective Group   Feb 15, 2022

    First and foremost, I have dropped off countless packages at this location without ever having an issue. Recently, it was found that an Amazon return we dropped off late summer was never credited to us from the seller. After long holds and frustration with the UPS 1-800 #, and Amazon, Christian, the local Jackson Hole Store #1818 manager, went above and beyond and hand searched records for us to find where we had dropped off the packages for return. The item in questions was just under 1K and was being re-credited to a local non-profit so it was a big deal to us. Above and beyond customer service every time at this store which is why we keep going back. Thank you Christian for helping us and making the extra effort!

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