Union Wireless

Smith Plaza, 1325 US-89 #112, Jackson, WY 83001

  • Bob Armstrong   Dec 16, 2018

    Truly Wyoming's best Internet, and phone provider and with one of their many office locations in Mountain View, WY. I've experienced tremendous, friendly and really helpful customer service. Our installation tech was positive, professional and on-time. This company dominates the state with the fastest, most reliable service around and for the best price. Thank you Union Wireless! 5-Enthusiastic Stars!

  • Shane Sager   Mar 29, 2022

    Service was pitiful outside of Wyoming so I had to switch providers. I called to cancel my account and I was reassured that it would be cancelled on the day I called. Three months later, I notice I am still getting billed for an account that was supposed to be cancelled. Manager refused to give me a refund and makes up a lie that I was supposed to call them again (for whatever reason) and that she tried to call me on a number that is no longer valid. Union Wireless is a scam.

  • Timothy Hodgson   Feb 21, 2023

    The employees on the phone or in person are always helpful with any and all problems I have encountered with my phone.

  • Aaron Laverty   Oct 17, 2022

    I've been with Union for many years and I've noticed a huge decline in quality over the past two years. We keep having to get new Sim cards or be forced to purchase a new phone. 4 or 5 months ago my wife's $1100 phone (Note 10+) just simply quit accessing the network. We had to get a new phone. Now my note 10 + can't call or use mobile data as soon as I cross state lines, which I do alot, and it I'm told they will give me a $ 400 dollar discount on a new phone or a year free service on one line. Seriously? Why should I have to buy another $1100 phone and cough up $700 out of pocket. Probably $900 with a case and screen protector. In my opinion there is no true value in a top of the line phone if it can become obsolete so quickly. I own and operate a 5 star rated business and I can tell you that I do not put the burden of my failures on my customers.

  • Chelsey Sleight   Oct 31, 2022

    Edited to add: After remaining on hold for almost 30 minutes, I was finally able to speak to Ms. Peggy Parker. She was able to find a solution to the issue within about 20 minutes. She was courteous and polite and very kind. I really enjoyed working with her. 5 stars for Peggy! I am raising my review to 3 stars, with 2 stars off for their customer care line and overall service. But Peggy is great and deserves a raise! Original review: I have had an iPhone xS for approximately three years and have been a Union customer in one form or another for over 15 years. Unfortunately, the quality of service has significantly declined in the past year. Earlier this year, I became incapable of having a phone call that lasted over twenty minutes without it getting dropped multiple times, whether on the phone with another Union customer or not. On or around October 21, I stopped being able to receive or make telephone calls. I filled out Union's customer support form online on October 28 detailing my issue and received an email from Peggy Parker outlining multiple steps I could take, including a network reset, updating the software on my phone, etc. I followed all procedures to no avail and responded to Ms. Parker as such. I received an out-of-office message that had clearly not been updated in several months. That was the last communication I received from her. Today, October 31, I called the customer help line from my work phone. I'm a busy working adult, like most people, so I requested a callback after being on hold for over 15 minutes and listening to the automated message suggesting as I do as much over and over again. After two hours, I called again. I received a call back, but was unavailable (again, due to working). I followed the instructions left on my work voicemail and called the customer help line once again. As of 4:10 this afternoon, I have called the customer help line four times, requested a callback each time, and have only received the one, despite being assured in the automated message that I am near the top of the list and that this is a 24 hour service. I also filled out another online customer help form, articulating all of the above and stating that if this was not solved by close of business tomorrow, November 1 with appropriate bill reductions due to lack of performance, I would be switching providers. I have yet to hear from Union. The ability to make and receive phone calls is one of the basic services expected of any phone contract. This is completely unacceptable and has really soured my experience with the company. I'd previously recommend Union to almost anyone; now, I'm asking for recommendations. In addition, I have had less than positive experiences with staff in their retail locations, but that isn't the focus of this review.

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