Triangle X Ranch – Scenic Float Trips

Triangle X Ranch - Float Trips Moose Wyoming 83012

Scenic float trips on the Snake River – entirely within Grand Teton National Park. Sunrise floats, 10-mile floats and Dinnner floats.



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  • Matt Wellhouser   Sep 10, 2020

    We booked our trip on line, with email reminder for the trip. Our guide, Matt was very friendly and made everyone comfortable. the trip was fantastic, well worth the money. Matt was super informative and had a great sense of humor and personable. Book your trip with Matt. Their vans were comfortable. Definitively would do again and recommend to anyone.

  • Scott Macdonald   Sep 08, 2020

    We floated with Kris who was just an overall cool dude. He spotted lots of interesting geology, wildlife, and even the rare Mustache Commander! Fun trip, we’d go back as long as he promises to keep working on his raft-fort game.

  • Emma Doran   Sep 10, 2020

    Amazing experience with a very knowledgeable guide. The ranch was also very communicative when weather impacted the float schedule. A highlight of our trip!

  • Susan Sellers   Sep 11, 2020

    Our guide Matt was prompt to the meeting site. He was full of interesting facts and fun stories about the surrounding area. He made each of us feel special. I would encourage a very early trip to see most of the wildlife. We went at 8:15a.m. and did not see moose or elk. We did see the beautiful snake river and surrounding mountains. We saw bald eagles and osprey and so much more.

  • Jennifer Smith   Aug 01, 2020

    We had THE BEST time ever on the Snake River with Matt. He was the best guide we could have asked for. He knew about the area, its history, its geology, just all kinda of facts about everything we saw while on the river and while on the shuttle ride too! It was the best afternoon of the trip. This is a must for anyone coming to the area. When you book your trip request Matt Hankes as your guide, you won’t find a better guide.

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