1720 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112, USA

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  • Jasmin Ortega   Aug 18, 2022

    We had our very first appointment today for a growth on our dogs ear that’s really severe and bleeding and bothers her as she scratches it constantly. Our appointment was at 8:30am. We ran into a car accident that backed up traffic pretty badly on our way there so i called and let them know we were on our way but running late. We arrived at 8:46 and got to the desk at 8:47. They let us know that because we were more than 15 mins late that they cancelled our appointment. We were less than 2 WHOLE MINUTES past our 15 min grace period. Now i work in a clinical setting and i understand how frustrating it is when patients are late. But we didn’t just walk in late and assume we would be seen regardless of the time, i made sure to call as soon as i knew we’d be late. Also, we were LESS THAN TWO MINUTES past our grace period. Not only that, the woman working at the front desk left us waiting over 10 mins to see if we could be seen and then didn’t even come back to tell us herself that we wouldn’t be seen. The entire visit was frustrating. Our dog is miserable and bleeding and we really needed her to be seen today. I won’t ever schedule back there or refer anyone there. The lack of understanding and compassion we received today had both my girlfriend and i leaving there almost in tears. On top of all that, every single other vet we tried to call is booked out months. So our poor baby has to suffer even longer.

  • Joshua Armstrong   Jun 03, 2022

    Great place! my cat rocket and my dog chancho both had extensive surgeries and the customer service was just phenomenal. Everyone cared about and remembered my animals! The price wasn't the cheapest out there but it's worth it to know your pets are in good hands!

  • Jeremy Weed   May 15, 2022

    Dr long is amazing. Been with TLC since my puppies were first adopted 5 years ago. She also cared for my older dog as we went through end of life care and she provided compassionate amazng care every step of the way right until the last second of his 15 years of life. Can't say enough about her or TLC.

  • Kat   Jul 20, 2022

    First time going here because our baby kitten unfortunately needed amputation. From the very first phone call I made I knew I'd like this place. Jocelyn was the receptionist and she seems like she genuinely cares front he second you talk to her. They took such good care of my kitty. Explained everything so well and reach out to make sure things are going well. If your animal is going here, it's under AMAZING care. Thank you all for taking such loving care of my kitten.

  • Andreas S   May 10, 2022

    Our 7 year old boxer had a torn CCL, was limping quite a bit and needed knee surgery. We opted for a TPLO repair, wich was beyond our regular vet’s expertise. After some shopping around we came across TLC Pet Hospital, where we got a free consultation and a good feeling that our dog would be well cared for. We didn’t have to regret our decision! The surgery went smoothly and we could pick up our dog at the end of the same day. Post-surgery check-ups were included for the next 4 months, and during this whole time the personnel was available for any questions and concerns of ours. They shared X-ray radiographs, gave us tips for physical therapy / rehab (passive and active), and how to dose the meds (if necessary). Altogether, it took around 6 months for our dog to get back to her level of activity prior to her injury. Now she is almost 8 years old and is able to run, jump and go on up to 4 hour hikes in the mountains. We would definitely recommend TLC Pet Hospital for procedures like this!

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