Oden Watches & Jewelry

105 North Glenwood Street, Jackson, WY, USA

Fabulous selection of Swiss watches and fine jewelry.

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  • Christy May   Dec 13, 2022

    Lisa is the absolute BEST! She works tirelessly to find the perfect diamond for the best deal possible. Almost every every member of my family has bought their engagement ring from her. I wish I could give her ten stars, but I guess five will have to do.

  • Janice Lanzoni   Mar 04, 2022

    I believe that there are no coincidences in life! After ordering my smoothie next door, I headed outside to wait for my order to be ready. I strolled into Oden & Knapp Jewelry Store, drawn in by the beautiful jewelry in the windows. I was greeted with the warmest hellos and welcomes, I think I may have experienced in my life!! Lisa and I traded stories, talked kids, dogs and a bit of healthy politics. I purchased a beautiful gold cross that honestly I’ve been searching for for at least five years! And here it was in beautiful Jackson WY! Meeting Lisa ( and her visiting family members and her dog) was an absolute joy and one I’ll not soon forget as I’ll have this perfect cross to always remind me. As a first time visitor to from New Hampshire, I will leave with fond memories of Jackson and hope to return again soon and I will always stop in to see Lisa at Oden & Knapp Jewelry.

  • Anybody   Oct 10, 2023

    Best place to come by to buy used and new jewellery from them and they can fix it when I went over to have some of my watches they do it well and fast oh I forgot to mentioned that too name cara she being doing to a great job when you need it asap her assistance is well done and she works so hard to make well satisfied with her experience.

  • Mary Martin   Dec 24, 2023

    I love my Norqain watch. It was a big decision...Lisa and Cara are such lovely individuals...and make shopping in this da?xling store a highlight of one's day. They have some amazing deals on diamonds...

  • JON GRAHAM   Jan 07, 2022

    Lisa is by far the BEST in Jackson hole. Ended up with 3 new Omega watches in 2021. If you are in need of any jewelry she will definitely e able to hunt it down and get it here asap. Thank you and will be back for another watch soon.

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