Virginian Restaurant

740 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Courtney Ledet   Jun 21, 2023

    Best breakfast in town!! Most delicious homemade biscuits ever! Ordered: French Toast Breakfast Added blueberries & asked for berry syrup Came with eggs & meat Pork chop platter Served with hash browns, biscuit, eggs Very tender & beautifully seared meat

  • Brian Baker   Sep 07, 2022

    Friendly staff, though table service was slow. Food was good, though not anything that I would call extraordinary. They do have very large cinnamon rolls, yet only the center really had any significant flavor, despite the overdose of cream cheese frosting on top.

  • Kaleb Bm (Kaleb)   Jul 13, 2023

    Steak and eggs were good. French toast not so much, bread is too thick and dry. Recommend the pancakes instead. Service was great, super friendly staff. A little bit of wait but all is well.

  • Jordan Light   Sep 06, 2023

    The best sandwich I have ever had. I got the turkey avocado on sour dough, and my husband got the French dip and they were both so delicious. Fries were crispy and fresh and the service was great! All of the staff was so sweet.

  • Mark Nelson   Feb 24, 2024

    This restaurant is LOUD!!! I couldn’t hear a person talking across the table! It was so loud it was even difficult to concentrate on the menu. The waitress wasn’t very generous with the coffee ☕️ she topped the cup off once during our visit and it cost $3.25! WTH? Beverages we all know is the way restaurants make their profit and they were so chintzy on the refills. The staff has broken English so there was a language barrier just to be seated. It started off bad and it went downhill from there. This city obviously relies on tourism for their money and they should have a staff with a firm grip on the English language especially here and in Wyoming. I asked for a booth and I saw a dirty booth across the room and the manager or acting like a host, said there’s none available. I said “I am looking at one right now” he said “It will take several minutes to get it ready for you” and I said “I’ll just take a table”. He saw that I was disabled and using a cane and he acted like it didn’t matter. This restaurant clearly needs sensitivity training! I should’ve made a scene but no one would have heard me over the noise in the restaurant even if I yelled! The food was just ok. It was edible but more pricey than it should’ve been. My friend ordered a wrap with chopped bacon in it and guess what? There was NO bacon! What a surprise! He ordered it with chopped bacon! apparently someone dropped the ball here! Lack of communication is clear. Either from the waitress or the cooks. I will never be back here again. The chairs 🪑 that they sat us on had no padding on them and created discomfort in my legs and hips. See photos. Overall it was a terrible experience. I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant to anyone unless they enjoy loud restaurants and have buns of steel. Parking was terrible even though I have a handicap placard. People in parking spots here park right in middle of two spots! Why? Someone, anyone, please explain?

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