Riley from The Rose

50 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Nick Burrell   Jul 19, 2022

    My time at this bar was going okay I thought till the bouncer of the bar could have been respectful and do his job but wanted to be a Racist and try to put my friend out because he was talking to a Caucasian women who we believed the bouncer liked or had a crush on to act out in such a disrespectful manner after the bouncer and my brother stop talking I started dancing to the DJ music I thought everyone let it go till we was surrounded my three police officers saying we are here for two Black guys with cowboy hats took us outside took our IDs and Banned us from property Racial Profiling nobody did nothing wrong the Bouncer used his Authority to the highest power he knew being a Racist this will be resolved higher people I know and everyone around the world will know what happens at The Rose Bar in Jackson Wyoming

  • Tony Simotes   Jun 27, 2022

    Looking for an energy packed evening of entertainment. We saw Lulla Blue and the place ROCKED. Great musicians all around and a show that was well worth it. Two drink minimum but that's loosely enforced. Everyone our night stayed well beyond the two drinks because it was fantastic!

  • Brandonn L.   Jul 04, 2022

    Went in here for the first time last night in almost a year and was charged a $20 cover which I felt was high even for a holiday weekend. I get that this is the only place in Jackson that stays open till 2 am at least on the weekends which is nice and I can understand why they may want to have a cover but I feel a $5 or $10 max cover would be more appropriate. I do like that the beer prices were about in line with the other place and did like that it was packed and the crowd was chill

  • Brendan McDonnell   Jul 13, 2022

    I called the venue this past Saturday on the way back from my wedding venue in a panic because my guests unexpectedly wanted to keep the party going. Micky and our waitress were awesome! They had extra space in VIP and reserved it for us. 45 minutes later we were at the venue, seated, and drinks in hand. We had a great time!

  • john berner   Aug 28, 2022

    Best bar in jackson, maybe in all of wyoming. The manager mickey, is a great guy and does everything in his power to make sure the patrons are safe and satisfied. When we entered we were greeted by victor, a security guard. He was kind and explained to us there would be a cover, as expected in jackson. After a quick id check, we went over to the bar where we were greeted by ashlynn. She poured some great cocktails. After 10 it turns into a club like setting, and after 12 its the only place to get a drink in town. I would highly recommend this bar to anyone looking to have a good night in jackson!

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