The Mountainist

Sheep Mountain, Wyoming 83011, USA

  • Edwin Amaya Márquez   Jun 23, 2020
  • Jesse Rope   Jun 28, 2020

    Great hike - could be exposed and hot, don't start too late!

  • Mike Yin   Jul 11, 2022

    Not an easy hike (4000ft vertical), but amazing views as a reward

  • Grace Pansze   Sep 18, 2022

    This trail is a fun one! Be prepared to hike through overgrown trail for the 1st mile or so to the wilderness boundary. Farther on through the forested sections there are some deadfall to climb over. Above tree-line the trail dissipates, but it is clear which direction to go. Around 11 miles round trip from upper lot. This hike has incomparable views of the tetons and beautiful, colorful, meadows. Certainly a day hike for experienced outdoors people!

  • Tim “Jhcowboy68” Brooks   Sep 19, 2019

    My wife and I enjoyed hiking the trail, we decided to hike on the first snow day Sept 10th. The beginning of the trail was wet tall grass laying down which we were soaked all the way through. This meant we never dried out all the way to the top where it was blowing and 30degrees. Through all of it we sure had a heck of an adventure.

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