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The Meno Clinic - Center For Functional Medicine, HHR Ranch Road, Wilson, WY, USA

  • Amy Tucker   Nov 25, 2018

    Big thanks to the employees of Menoclinic and Dr. Mark for my personalized plan! You guys rock!!!

  • James Barlett   Nov 19, 2018

    Dr. Menolascino and his team are excellent! Very professional and on top of their game. I got everything I needed and more. I am definitely recommending this experience to everyone.

  • Matthew Potter   Aug 23, 2018

    My Girlfriend has some major allergies that she's been dealing with for years. We did a consult with Mark and he seemed very thoughtful and knowledgeable in his approach during the consult. We took action with Mark and got a steroid shot to help get allergies under control for the summer time and queue things up for dietary supplement and change to diet to continue allergy resilience and eliminate potential food allergies. They took blood work for testing and then loaded us up with Meno Clinic dietary supplements. Three months went by and we never heard anything back from them regarding a follow up visit to discuss results of the blood work. After 6 weeks of Allergies having returned, we had heard nothing so I had to go into their office to follow up on everything myself. When I did so, the office admin was happy to give me the blood work test results that had come back that we were eagerly waiting to hear back about to discuss, and there they were! She then just handed them to me to my surprise. Not sure if they have to adhere to HIPPA regulations, but that seemed odd to just hand them over to me. So, I then scheduled a follow-up consult for them to go over the results as that would be the typical next step, right? The admin got us a slot just two days ahead of time so that was good I thought. Two days later, we wake up to go to the appointment only to receive a phone call from their office that they are cancelling our appointment. The reason being "well I will certainly need more than just 15 minutes to go over the results with you". They scheduled us for the follow up, so I guess they only gave us a 15 min. slot?? Needless to say things started out with a veil of care, knowledge, and professionalism. It ended with discourtesy, disregard, and dismissal. As far as I can tell from this experience, they are a glorified re-seller of the Meno Clinic Product supplements which you can easily buy for cheaper online or at other stores. Don't waste your time or your $1200.00. Now we are on to the second opinion elsewhere

  • Jane Smiths   Nov 06, 2018

    My husband and I flew to Jackson Hole to see Dr. Menolascino. He was recommended to us by our dear friend. Prior to making an appointment we researched Dr. Mark as we were at the end of our hope. Talking to his friendly staff it did not take us long to decide and we made the appointment. We searched the country for a good doctor and someone who could give us answers that we both desperately needed. We arrived to our appointment on time and were surprised that we didn’t even have to wait. In our past experience, the waiting time could take hours. But Dr. Mark made sure everyone and everything was running on time. His staff was very friendly and professional, made us feel very welcomed. Finally, we got to meet Dr. Menolascino. His professionalism, knowledge, and carrying attitude surprised us. His help was enormous. He did blood draw for tests other doctors did not think of to do. We left the office with scheduled follow up appointment. After couple days after our appointment, we received phone call letting us know the result were in. Dr. Menolascino was our best choice and I wish he was the first doctor I made appointment with. That would save me lots of time, stress, and I would know what’s wrong with me right away and what to do to get better. After traveling to see many doctors, I just cannot express how much I recommend Dr. Mark.

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