The Liquor Store and Wine Loft

115 Buffalo Way Jackson, WY 83001

The Liquor Store of Jackson Hole has the region’s largest selection of beer, wine & spirits. Locally owned. Offering concierge service, local delivery and shipping where available.

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  • Ryan Britt   Dec 31, 2020

    Always a great experience and helpful service. Daniel, Derek and Tim are friendly, knowledgeable and provide great recommendations for new products.

  • Jennifer Gaudern   Jan 05, 2021

    This store is ALWAYS stocked with what I need - even during the Holidays! The staff is always happy and knowledgeable and will call you if they receive a shipment of Skinny Girl or my favorite scotch. The wine selection is the best in the class and there is a sommelier available upon request !!! Love TLS!!

  • Rheya Irvin   Jan 19, 2021

    Always a pleasure doing business with these guys—broad variety of popular brands and small batch distillers/breweries. This will always be my #1 place for any adult beverage needs

  • sarah hoffmann   Jun 13, 2021

    Best liquor store hands down! They are so helpful with event planning and large liquor orders. Tim has been a lifesaver on multiple occasions. Thank you guys!

  • Steve Shibuya   Jun 07, 2021

    I find that, on the whole, Smith's Liquor Store (just down the highway a little bit) has cheaper prices. Example, I just bought a case of Coors Light and a bottle of Dewars. Both were $4 less at Smith's. The Liquor Store may carry different brands from Smith's, but on common items, it will probably be less expensive at Smith's. 6/7/21 Updated the number of stars to 4. The Liquor Store replied to my review and they said that they will match prices.

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