The Liquor Store and Wine Loft

115 Buffalo Way Jackson, WY 83001

The Liquor Store of Jackson Hole has the region’s largest selection of beer, wine & spirits. Locally owned. Offering concierge service, local delivery and shipping where available.

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  • Maggie Gabruk   Oct 23, 2019

    The Liquor Store has the best selection in town! Their staff is great, and donate time and resources to local charities and events. Thank you to Kevin who is a great resource.

  • Lauren Bronhard   Mar 10, 2020

    Variety of selections for all craft beers. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • Travis Flitton   Mar 07, 2020

    Surprising a bunch of awesome things are here. First off- I was unaware that Wyoming did not have beer in their grocery stores (is that new or something?), but there are drive through liquor stores... Anyways, we happen to catch a really cool taste testing event in this store for 'sloshies'- like slushies, but with an 'O' and some alcohol ;). There is two stories of wine and liquor on the shelves with very helpful staff. A colleague of mine was guided with all the types of beers in the store with some very personal recommendations based off of what he liked.

  • Ben Rourke   Jan 08, 2020

    Very friendly and helpful staff. I've been shopping there for a long time and I see myself coming back for any future booze needs. God bless us everyone

  • Robin Wells-Kaniff   Jan 13, 2020

    Had a great conversation about the single malt scotch offered. Nice to see so much Islay product!! Both the gentlemen I talked to when I walked in, as well as my cashier were very pleasant and hospitable. I will definitely be back!

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