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The Kitchen Jackson Wyoming 83002

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  • Julia Kitterer   Jan 19, 2019

    Everything we ate was amazing! The steak was fantastic and so was the shrimp dish. The service was incredible and Emma, our server was excellent! We are from out of town but we would happily come back just for the delicious food and amazing staff. Also, the Potato Chip Pie was to die for!! 5 stars all around!

  • Tomasz Zalewski   Jan 04, 2019

    Well, not the Kitchen we remember from one year ago in the summer of 2017. The dishes have gotten smaller but not tastier. The tuna sushi was grotesque small. We felt sorry for that baby tuna that got sliced up. See the picture. Being European we understand smaller but tastier portions, but come on, there are some limits. We left the place hungry after leaving $160 on the table for a family of 4. Happy hour drinks were strong, I must admit.

  • Kassie Sarr-Dietershagen   Jan 10, 2019

    Every detail amazed me. Definitely get the luxury shrimp. Friendliest waitress, best food in town.

  • Viking D   Jan 06, 2019

    Very accommodating staff however the sushi is real bad. So if you go there for sushi, don't. Some of the nonsushi dishes were decent buy tiny. Not for me.

  • Kristina S   Jan 25, 2019

    Awful service and expensive menu with poor taste. Left hungry after a 100$ tab for 2 of us. Eating granola bars as I write this.