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  • c hart   Sep 27, 2022

    Rounding down from 4.3, and really just because the food was very, very good, but not extraordinary and so the value wasn’t there, taking the experience down a notch. This is a well-run restaurant (part of the area’s Fine Dinjng group) and it’s interior space is interesting. Likely a sushi spot in a former life, it’s lighting is unique and worth a gander. Super skillful service with a lean waitstaff and capable food runners. Our drinks were good, not great, and the entrees flavorful and plentiful. The apps were really good! We had three - gem salad, edamame salad and tomato/cucumber salad and they popped, especially that cucumber salad dressing. The patio seats about as many, or more, as the dining room, but likely is a better experience as you won’t be looking at the inside of the bathroom while you eat. Don’t ask me why the door to the women’s room is not outfitted with a knob that shows vacant/occupied. I would do that immediately if I owned the place, so guests for whom the door is in line of sight don’t have to look at the sink and glaring light throughout their meals. (People leave the door 1/4 open to indicate vacancy.). It’s a nice decor in their, with penny tile on the wall which is cool, but given the orientation of the dinjng room, a fix to this would be good.

  • Matheson Harris   Sep 11, 2022

    What a gem. Lovely outdoor patio and great food. We made a reservation online 15 minutes ahead and we’re seated immediately. Ethan was at our table within 30 seconds and then took amazing care of us throughout. The edemame hummus was a great starter. Our drinks were nice. Wife had the Al pastor which was spicy and fresh. I loved the Wilson IPA. The entrees arrived in record time. I loved the General Tso’s tofu and the wife loved the trout. All in all a great experience.

  • Jason Heppler   Jan 22, 2022

    Our party of six really enjoyed our dinner tonight. Front of house was friendly and attentive. And kitchen was on top of their game. Drinks, starters entrees, and dessert were all excellent. I ordered the Romaine Salad and Lamb Chops with Grits (pictured) and loved both!

  • Amelia Marple   Sep 04, 2022

    Delicious upscale dinner restaurant. Delicious! We got the smoked trout appetizer, tempura shrimp appetizer, cabbage salad, duck noodle stir fry, and cookie skillet with homemade ice cream. It was delicious and we would definitely return if in the area again!

  • Deepti Agarwal   Jun 16, 2022

    One of the few upscale restaurants in the area. Modern farmhouse style decor, their outdoor seating was fun and could accommodate our big group of 12 easily. Servers were knowledgeable and friendly. We had some unique desserts and appetizers over there and would highly recommend the place

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