The Hostel

3315 Village Dr, Teton Village, WY 83025, USA

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  • Dave Twichell   Mar 25, 2023

    If you’re a 20-something looking for a cheap place to party between ski days this place is for you. Basic sums it up. Actual rooms have been renovated and look better than pics online, but be prepared for no TV, no shampoo in the shower, etc. it’s a bare minimum kind of place. Those of us 40+ that actually want to go to sleep before midnight will look elsewhere. (Only stayed here in the first place because it was booked on my behalf and wasn’t told where I was staying until it was too late to change).

  • Chris McCord   Mar 17, 2023

    I've stayed here many times. For backpackers, I don't think there is a better spot to stay than here if you're doing the TCT. Literally few hundred yards away from the tram. Rooms are nothing great. For backpacking purposes, always been perfect spot for us. Taking wife on a trip to Tetons/Yellowstone? Mine was not a fan. Beautiful location, rooms with beds and shower/toilet, really all you need. You don't come to the Teton to sit in your rooms.

  • Ron Travisano   Feb 27, 2023

    This is an amazing time capsule from the beginning of Jackson Hole. Buts it’s so comfortable. Private shower and comfortable bed. Not luxury but function. You ski right back to the building! So cool. Meeting other skiers down in the common rooms, planning the next days runs on the wall map, shooting pool, hanging in the pillow lounge with laptops or phones. It’s old school in the best way. No TV in rooms, just sleep. I love this place. Walk to everything Teton Village. Next to Mangy moose or higher end restaurants.

  • Dakota Lee   Dec 19, 2022

    Do you like being woken up to the sound of construction every morning? How about the lack of an actual kitchen in a place that calls itself a hostel? Do you like toilets that require multiple flushes to work? How about the feeling of being in a dungeon when you're actually in your room? Construction workers yelling at their co-workers? Trash outside of your front door? Paper thin walls? Extremely slow wifi that drops connection? Then the hostel is your place. The ONLY redeeming quality is the location. Otherwise this place is the worst place I have ever stayed at. It's the only affordable place in town, but that doesn't mean it's cheap. Truly disappointing. Not sure where all the positive reviews are coming from. This place is a nightmare. And a word to the owners, if your building is under construction ADVERTISE IT. I don't want to learn about it at 8 am on a Tuesday morning when I'm trying to sleep and saws and hammers are blasting away. All in all, do not stay here. Save up, split a room at a different spot with friends. It's worth it. The hostel is not.

  • Benjamin Jagels   May 01, 2023

    Definitely a good deal for what you’re paying for. Rooms were newly renovated, super clean, and had a private bathroom. Stayed there for a week there last week with a friend. Staff were very nice and accommodating (Especially Lionel Richie) They happily switched my friend and I to another room because the electricians cut the power to our room because they are renovating. The lobby area is nice lots of sitting area with things to do. They do have microwaves for food, which is limiting for food, but it’s manageable. Wish there was a kitchenette or something like that. But overall good stay, would definitely come back!

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