The Brakeman American Grill

27 N Main St, Victor, ID 83455, USA

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  • Nathan Hawkes   Oct 05, 2018

    This place is straight up legit. Only come here if you want an amazing tasting meal. Juicy and perfectly cooked meat. Soft bun. Crispy Idaho potato fries. The location is easy to find. The staff was all incredibly fun and were quite attentive. We will be back to eat here again.

  • Kevin Shim   Mar 23, 2022

    Go here if you’re in Victor. It’s hard to find restaurants that serve elk, let alone elk burger. Brakeman American Grill generally makes awesome burgers and I was impressed how they made a lean, gamey meat taste so unique and delicious. Good stuff. I believe the Brakeman burger is made with beef, but something about it tasted different - in a good way. Not sure if it’s because it’s ultra fresh or if it was actually bison meat. Nevertheless, tasted different and good.

  • Dallin Maddock   Mar 10, 2023

    Brakeman’s is #1 in the valley by a mile. The burger is perfect every time. Try any burger you want. They’re all different and each one is unique and delicious. Yellowstone and Barnyard are my two favorites. This place is literally legendary.

  • Angela C. Browning   Jul 19, 2023

    EAT HERE. It’s a hidden gem. Friendly employees. The food is FABULOUS. Large portions. Our family of five ate for a fraction of the price we’ve been spending all over the Northwest. Everyone left full and happy. And get this salad!

  • AJ Miskin   Aug 12, 2023

    I loved the service from the staff today. Our party had heard great things about this place and was excited to try their burgers. On the wall there was a sign stating that their food wasn't FAST, but it was good. The waitress was honest and upfront about the cooking times being long as there was only the owner in the kitchen. I was able to peek into the kitchen on passing, and it was a small kitchen too! Needless to say we had a great waitress that kept our cups full as our food was being prepared. And best of all, after the wait, our food was delicious!

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