The Bistro

112 Center St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

Timeless charm meets incredible taste inside Jackson Hole’s favorite bistro. Enjoy French-American fare in a unique yet comfortable atmosphere.

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  • Ricardo Macpherson-Ortiz   Sep 24, 2023

    The Barramundi with lobster is tops. Brian helped us select oysters. One note though, the white wines by the glass is a little confusing, rosés, chardonnays and a Loire brut, but missing a Sancerre... But all of it is forgiven for the absolute best cocktail known as Whiskey River.

  • Evan Allan Knapp   Dec 29, 2023

    The best thing about my dinner was the cocktail. The salad, frisée au lardons, had a nice taste, but the lardons were tough and hard to chew and the stalks on the normally delicate frisée were overly crunchy. The Dover sole, recommended by the bartender, was just okay. The atmosphere at the bar was busy. The restaurant is adjacent to a hotel and has a ready-made clientele, which isn't always a good thing when it comes to effort and food quality.

  • Jared Fisher   Aug 27, 2023

    While the food was great and I would highly recommend it for that reason, the service was poor. The restaurant was slow, and this was commented on during our waiter's intro to us. This also made it clear to see that the waiter was biased, showing attention to tables based on appearances. It took a long time just to get drinks (over 10 mins), and once we placed our order, we didn't see the waiter again until he brought the check, and that was also quite a long time. We couldn't order additional drinks or items, which you'd think he'd want for a better tip on a slow day. We had others bring the food and take the payment after he brought the check. Again, the venison, escargot, and other food was great, but it's recommended that you wear luxury brands for service at this restaurant.

  • Stephen de Man   Sep 10, 2023

    In Jackson's heart, where mountains stand tall, Lies The Bistro, a gem for one and all. With plates that delight, a culinary feat, Each dish a masterpiece, a delectable treat. The Beet Salad, a vibrant display, Freshness abounds in a colorful array. Quiche, a marvel, with flavors so rich, A culinary journey, each savory pitch. Soups that enchant, a symphony of taste, Warmth in a bowl, a comforting embrace. From first bite to last, a culinary delight, The Bistro's offerings take taste buds to new height. So if in Jackson, a culinary quest in mind, To The Bistro, your footsteps should bind. With salads, quiche, and soups galore, A dining experience to forever adore.

  • Andrea Bolaños   Jan 03, 2024

    Our time here was fine, we were celebrating a birthday having a blast with our girls d our apps were fine, shooters are a good options however they could be a little colder since they’re oysters. Our wine service was fine, the server was a little stiff the whole service, and the cherry on top of our meal was the entree, one of our friends order the MEDIUM 12oz New York Strip, unfortunately it came up over cooked, we talked to the server and got it refried, which it took a while, and came back with the same overcooked steak; my “bar” steak I ordered medium rare came out rare. They said it was going to be out of our bill, But with two re-fired steak, our meal got a little uncomfortable. I think the menu is good, is a little longer than expected, they were offering specials but when we ordered them they ran out so we have to change our dish; the atmosphere was good, we had a blast, the drinks were good, but food wise, not so great. Working in the culinary business we understand the challenges we have in kitchen, the lack of attention or the “quantity over quality” situation was definitely present tonight at this place. We’d still be back, for drinks o it perhaps, or the apps

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