Thai Me Up

Thai Me Up, East Pearl Avenue, Jackson, WY, USA

Relaxed atmosphere. 20 Melvin beers on tap. Full Bar. Noodles, curry, and burgers. Kung-Fu. Hip-Hop. Pet-Friendly. Change it up and have some fun!

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  • Rebekkah Beeco   Jul 05, 2021

    Server was good. Brussel sprouts were the highlight. Vegetarian curry with tofu had small bits of chicken... Server was apologetic and took care of it. Others in group enjoyed their dishes and finished each one.

  • Niloofar Hubrich   Apr 10, 2021

    Great Thai restaurant. Both dishes we got were super tasty and delicious. The portion was also good. The dishes are a little overpriced for not containing any protein (it’s between $3-$5 more to add) but at least they were generous on the amount they added. Friendly staff and good ambiance.

  • Johnny Lin   Jul 03, 2021

    If you think the food here is good or decent, ya need to travel more. White people butchering Asian food. Cooked by people without a taste bud Pad Thai - bland. Fried rice - salty with little flavor. Instant noodles taste better.

  • James McCroan   Jun 28, 2021

    Just lovely. The food was of course delicious, but the outdoor seating was beautiful. Service is great and the beer fantastic. I travel quite a bit and was genuinely surprised to get good drunken noodles in what I thought was the middle of nowhere. Cannot recommend it enough!

  • Brian kendrick   Jul 15, 2021

    Service was awesome. Beer was good. Brussels sprouts were tasty. Spring rolls were fresh. Pad thai was was huge though a little spicy. I would go back for the beer and service alone. However the other plates being served around us look tempting.

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