Teton Village Association

7020 N Rachel Way, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Sam T   Aug 05, 2023
  • Chris   Feb 14, 2023

    Parked for 1 hr and 7 minutes in a unplowed parking lot cost 30 bucks!

  • Jared Reck   Mar 08, 2023

    I am being harassed by parking because I drive my van to work. When I went to resolve the issue a man named Andrew Madden got extremely aggressive and refused to listen to me. Literally screamed at me and got in my face like he was going to attack me. I am a honest good person and deserve a modicum of respect in my place of work. I never parked overnight here and I always park in a different spot. This is the second time I have had to scrape an unnecessary ticket off my window. Please do your job correctly and leave me alone.

  • James Downey   Jan 15, 2024

    The Teton Village Association is the gestapo of the village. Do not cross them or you will be delt with swiftly and without remorse.

  • Douglas Johnson   Dec 08, 2023

    I parked in the ranch lot this summer while I was at work. Only for eight hours, not overnight. I clocked out and walked to my vehicle only to find a “Notice to Tow” sticker on my window. I tried to take it off, I couldn’t. It ripped everywhere but didn’t peel. It’s like they used industrial glue or something. It’s still stuck on my car five months later. Knowingly defacing someone’s vehicle is punishable by law in Wyoming. This company is breaking the law & damaging people’s private vehicles for fun. I’m not the only one either. How do I know? Besides all the locals telling similar stories, you can see an older comment saying the exact same thing. I called several times and left voicemails with nothing but silence as a response from them. Another of my buddies, who is hispanic, was talked down to, screamed at, & cussed out by one of their thug employees. Instead of just asking him to move his car. He also works in the Village!!! This company is a tyrant to the locals of Jackson Hole & Teton Village should stop funding them.

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