Teton Toys

10 E Broadway Ave, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Marlie Schell   Mar 12, 2024

    We love Teton Toys! It always has everything we need and the prices are reasonable!

  • Greg Rosinski   Aug 06, 2021

    An impressive array of toys for kids and items for adults as well. Here are some photos of two wranglers my son picked out on various trails.

  • Hilary Hartman   Mar 17, 2024

    Really neat toy store with an abundance of Lego, board games, puzzles, action figures.

  • Kelly Gerber   Sep 29, 2023

    Teton Toys is a really cool store. We first visited in 2019. When we made plans to once again travel from FL to Jackson on a camping trip my 8 year old was so excited to visit Teton Toys again. He really wanted to get another Lego from there. The staff was very friendly and the stock was great but I do have big beef with the pricing on most of their Lego selection. Some were retail price, perfect. Most others were marked up 25%-65%. SIXTY FIVE PERCENT markup! I kindly asked the associate why that is and I was told “Because it’s Jackson and some of these aren’t available elsewhere.” Okay, fine. But one that my son really wanted retails for $120, is available anywhere at retail price, and is tagged at $160 at Teton Toys, full 25% markup. One that I ended up getting him because he wanted one from there so bad retails at $24. Teton Toys tags it at $40, 65% markup. I got it for him anyway because he had been looking forward to it so much. On the way out I saw a Star Wars Millennium Falcon available EVERYWHERE including target, Amazon Prime with free 2 day shipping, EBay etc that retails for $800-$850. Teton Toys? $1,200!! FOUR HUNDRED dollar markup on a Lego available pretty much everywhere. I had to giggle at that.

  • Jessica Shyu   Feb 26, 2024

    We live in NYC and have never been able to find a toy store as expansive and thoughtful as this. This is amazing for kids and adults alike. Please open one in NYC!

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