Teton Tiger

165 Center St, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Jaci Peña   Feb 04, 2022

    Wish I had more pictures, the food came out and we enjoyed it so much we forgot to pull out the camera! Bartender dude was awesome - they know how to make drinks! Soup, apps, everything was delicious. Call ahead for a reservation or get lucky at the bar - either one you wont regret it. Cozy AF.

  • Tommy Byler   Oct 17, 2021

    Highly recommend the street noodles. They were great and only took a few minutes to come out. This place is a little pricey, but the food and atmosphere are worth it.

  • maayan bahr   Sep 15, 2021

    Very bad and rude service, and they charge you 20% service fee for it. I guess they know no one will otherwise tip their awful server. Very expensive, while the food is average (at best). After waiting for almost an hour for my food, all I wanted was to finish eating as quickly as possible and leave. Stay away.

  • Dylan Braun   Feb 12, 2022

    When you have such a bad experience you have to write a review. Yeah that was last weekend. We reserved two separate tables as a group of ten to ease the staff at 7. Got there and neither were available, then we were all sat at one and waited 20 min to get the next table. We then sat there and watched the wait staff take shots instead of take our drink orders for another 15 min. In that time we picked out what we wanted because we knew it was going to be one of those experiences. When we were finally approached for our order we were told we couldn’t order everything at once but we were able to get apps and drinks in. At this point there was a significant break between rush and there were 30% of tables sat. We put our order in with our drinks and apps delivery about 10 min later. Then exactly 45 min later the waitress came back to tell me that they ran out of what I ordered and asked what else I wanted. She had just taken the other tables order and went to put it all in at once instead of putting in our order 45 min ago or taking theirs at the same time. The exact reason we sat separate. Obviously complained and at this point I was furious because our second drink orders had not come out. Ordered more drinks and put in our food order. Came out 15 min later. Then was kindly told my entree was comped. I asked for another drink to celebrate, which was never delivered. Then we got the bill, they combined our tables and combined gratuity. The drink and the entree were on the bill. Didn’t have the heart to complain any further. Left got beers at the cowboy and thought it was all over until we saw the waitress at the mountain the next day, hungover. Hard pass on Teton tiger and your entire waitstaff - besides the host who was very very nice to us. Only giving one star because the food was pretty good besides the weird Asian fusion stuff. Chef could tone it down a bit. Ascetic was on point, kinda confused by the cricket wickets but p good otherwise.

  • Ashley Davidson   May 13, 2022

    The food and drinks here are PHENOMENAL. We came back for those, but sadly, not because of the speed of service or the friendliness of the staff. The bartenders could not be bothered to greet, speak to, or even raise their eyes to us—either time we visited. Even when we did catch their eye to ask if they could run the card we’d had on the bar top for some time, he took it and slung it back at us, without a “thank you”. It’s nice being the new, hot spot in town, but your food and drink can only keep people coming for so long. Service goes a LONG way. We hope to come back on our next visit for an even better experience!

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