Teton Thai – Teton Village

Teton Thai Teton Village, Granite Loop Road, Teton Village, WY, USA

Teton Thai is an authentic, family-owned Thai restaurant sitting in the shadow of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village, Wyoming. Backed by endless tunes, the stellar staff dishes up tasty curries, noodles, and other Thai classics to satisfy the appetites of hungry skiers, snowboarders, and summer visitors. When the weather is warm, the place to be is out on the deck: try the Roasted Duck Curry and cool down with a Spiked Thai Tea. A word of warning: when they ask you about spice level – they’re serious!

After winning nine Best of Jackson Hole awards since 2015 alone, Teton Thai is truly a Jackson Hole spot that is not to be missed.

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  • Blazius   Jul 02, 2019

    This is the only healthy place to eat in Teton Village. While it's not authentic Thai flavor, it is good and it is healthy. It is within 5-minute walking distance from the Village. We ended up eating here three consecutive days since every other place here served expensive unhealthy food. Definitely recommend. Just wish they'd cook their vegetables a little longer; every dish we got they were nearly raw.

  • Kirk Jones   Sep 05, 2020

    Perfect Green Curry! 10/10 would recommend.

  • Rick Brenda Schulze   Sep 04, 2020

    Great lunch today! Friendly staff and really good pad thai and pineapple fried rice.

  • Jon Kashner   Aug 29, 2020

    Edit: At the end of the night, after I wrote this review they did refund me. I am gonna leave this up for now though because of the frustration . Worst restaurant experience of all time. That this is my only review should speak volumes to that. I never received my food, though I paid for it. I'm from out of town and when I called the order I didn't realize there was two locations. They either didn't tell me or I didn't understand. I show up to the wrong location, the guy at the counter tells me it happens all the time. I call Thai Teton to get my money back and they wont give it to me. Then the manager makes fun of me for not knowing what state I'm in. That's fine and everything but I made the call on speaker phone with someone who has lived here for a while and she agrees that they did not identify themselves audibly as the Wyoming location. This place is so overpriced I'm now out 80 dollars for 2 entrees and a appetizer that I never got. I feel like I just got robbed or maybe scammed. I guess I can contest the charges but what a pain. Dont go here!!!!! Never give out your card number on the phone before you receive the food!!

  • Cindy Guan   Aug 05, 2020

    Amazing food! We ended up ordering take out from Teton Thai for three consecutive meals. We’ve tried Spicy Fried Rice(w/chicken),Thai Fried Rice(w/beef), Pad Thai, Pineapple Fried Rice, Crying Tiger, Short Ribs and of course the mango sticky rice. All of them were amazing. We’ve ordered everything on a 5-star spicy level, which was truly spicy! Loved it! Overall this restaurant is a little pricey but given that Teton Village is a touristy place I’d say it’s kinda expected.

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