Teton Thai – Teton Village

Teton Thai Teton Village, Granite Loop Road, Teton Village, WY, USA

Teton Thai is an authentic, family-owned Thai restaurant sitting in the shadow of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village, Wyoming. Backed by endless tunes, the stellar staff dishes up tasty curries, noodles, and other Thai classics to satisfy the appetites of hungry skiers, snowboarders, and summer visitors. When the weather is warm, the place to be is out on the deck: try the Roasted Duck Curry and cool down with a Spiked Thai Tea. A word of warning: when they ask you about spice level – they’re serious!

After winning nine Best of Jackson Hole awards since 2015 alone, Teton Thai is truly a Jackson Hole spot that is not to be missed.

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  • Gaurav Hegde   May 31, 2021

    We were a bunch of hungry kids and found this amazing place at Teton village after a tiring hike at the Yellowstone park. And it was totally worth it . Right from all the refreshing cocktails to the appetizers and the entrees, everything was top notch. The dumplings, the chicken satay , the pineapple fried rice and the duck curry all were really nice It is a little difficult to reach this spot but totally worth the drive

  • akop baltayan   Jun 08, 2021

    This is an excellent Thai food place. Their food and drinks are excellent and their prices are extremely reasonable. The only complaint that we had was their indoor seating space was very warm, so they moved us outside, which was much better.

  • Hung Do   Jun 17, 2021

    Our party of 7 had an amazing late lunch recently for our visit to Grand Teton NP. Service was excellent, taste was on point. Weather was perfect. Can’t complain about the company of good friends. 2 thumbs up!

  • jeff brock   Jul 06, 2021

    Good food, awful service. I get every restaurant gets busy and when ordering for a large family, take out seems to be the best option. We ordered take out from Teton Thai, and after a 2hr wait, finally got the food for the 20+ folks. One would think that having to wait that long, the restaurant would at least offer you a glass of water or to purchase a beverage, but nope, never happened. The worst part is being threatened over a forced 20% service charge on the take out and after waiting 2hrs and wanting to protest this, being told “well, do you want the food or not?”. When did 20% on top of the retail food prices become mandatory? Come on man! Just overall poor experience. Shouldn’t catch attitude from the waiting staff or manager/owner about a take out order. Ain’t much to it guys. We were patient and the staff just wanted to complain about taking the order and making the meals. If you don’t like taking peoples orders or cooking, get out of the restaurant business. It’s your job, get over it. I will say again, the food was good. No complaints on the quality of the food. Worth a 2hr wait and snotty attitude from granola staff, not so much. Boils down to lazy staff and poor management. Opportunities for improvement here, so Teton Thai, get this fixed!

  • Marcus Shanks   Jul 06, 2021

    I have been coming here every time I am in Jackson since they were downtown. Still fantastic, amazing, deeply flavoured Thai food. Yes, they have got more fancy in some ways and the price has jumped significantly, but that is Jackson. I miss the old restaurant however the one in the Village is nice also. It is a bit chaotic getting a table but it was that way 12 years ago also. Highly suggest, just bring your wallet!

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