Teton Thai – Teton Village

Teton Thai Teton Village, Granite Loop Road, Teton Village, WY, USA

Teton Thai is an authentic, family-owned Thai restaurant sitting in the shadow of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village, Wyoming. Backed by endless tunes, the stellar staff dishes up tasty curries, noodles, and other Thai classics to satisfy the appetites of hungry skiers, snowboarders, and summer visitors. When the weather is warm, the place to be is out on the deck: try the Roasted Duck Curry and cool down with a Spiked Thai Tea. A word of warning: when they ask you about spice level – they’re serious!

After winning nine Best of Jackson Hole awards since 2015 alone, Teton Thai is truly a Jackson Hole spot that is not to be missed.

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  • Liz Quilici   Mar 04, 2020

    Really great atmosphere and delicious food. The cocktails were fantastic also. We waited an hour to be seated but everyone agreed it was so worth it!

  • Matthew Lysne   Dec 16, 2019

    I don’t know if the small size might be a knock against by some, but friendly staff and great food kill it. I think the small size and covered waiting area are great. My panang curry with pork was delicious! Salad rolls with warm peanut sauce and local beers! Yum.

  • chelsey pratt   Feb 07, 2020

    I called at 7 to inquire about reservations. The girl who answered the phone informed me they did not take any. After telling me they were busy I asked should we come now or wait a little later for it to slow down. She replied with come whenever it doesn’t matter. I arrived at 7:50 to be told they were not taking anymore tables. I would think they would have said when I called either come right away or simply it is just too late. Handled extremely awful. Also while I was waiting to be told they were not taking anymore tables another girl was extremely rude to a guy who had ordered to go food. There is NO food good enough to be treated so poorly nor a business run so badly. Would NOT recommend. And don’t think about sitting at the bar either as that is also on their wait list.

  • Spencer J   Feb 23, 2020

    Heard great things about the food. Busy place which is good for me. Ordered to go. Got home and food was not labeled and made not how it was ordered. Called up to figure out how to get the vegetarian food reordered vegetarian and told I was wrong. The food they made was correct. Well I am looking at chicken in the vegetarian food, was the response. Told I was wrong again then was told to bring it in. Brought the food back and was actually yelled at in the waiting area. After a few min of feeling embarrassed and ready to leave the manager came out and fixed it. Super surprised on the staff. I would be surprised if this has not happened before. Really great food. I would eat here again but just be clear on what is what when you order. Ask for it to be labeled. It’s expensive and more courteous needs to be applied for dishes at those prices.

  • Gordon Brooks   Feb 12, 2020

    Well known as arguably the best Thai food in the area, Teton Thai is a must on your out of the village or for dinner if you are staying on the mountain. I get really excited on my final run of the day when I get to call them for a pick up curry. Nothing better to refuel on after a long ski day. Been here countless times and it has never disappointed. Jackson Hole is already so amazing that the addition of great Thai food puts me at a loss for words.

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