Teton Thai – Driggs

Teton Thai, North Main Street, Driggs, ID, USA

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  • Mickey Fearn   Dec 19, 2022

    This is the place to get pad thai! There's a pretty big difference in price compared to the other Thai restaurant in town, however it is well worth it. The bison pho is also fantastic. We also got the fried banana cheesecake, it was the perfect end to a wonderful meal. The service was great. The atmosphere was very noisy. I would suggest going on a weekday or earlier in the evening on weekends if you want to be able to hear the people that you are with.

  • Dylan Weber   Jun 30, 2022

    Cool spot but not amazing. Worst part was the mango sticky rice - mango was underripe and nearly inedible. Service was super slow too. I’d like to come back after some time to try again, seems like it would be great.

  • John Fwu   Aug 21, 2022

    This town has no Asian but has this wonderful Thai food. We ordered 4 dishes, included bison pho and duck noodles. We love every dishes!

  • coreyykk   Feb 26, 2022

    TLDR: Slow order, good service, delicious food. We (party of 3) walked in around 5:30 in the evening and were immediately seated at one of only two open tables. The rest were filled. Adding onto the effect of busyness, we could see all the servers scurrying around and the kitchen staff (open kitchen concept) actively cooking. We were given our menus and a tall bottle of tap water to keep in the center of our table for refills, although we were poured water from a separate pitcher when first seated. We were served by two waitstaff, one by the name of Stacy (hopefully spelled that right) who was especially attentive. She came around after five minutes to take our orders. We got a local IPA beer and a Thai Iced Tea for drinks, and a Bison Pho, Mango Penang Curry (w/ beef), and a Pad Kee Mao (w/ chicken) for our mains. I asked for a level 2 spice in the noodle, and my fellow diner ordered a LEVEL 4 SPICE in the curry. Our drinks were delivered almost immediately. The beer was light (both look and taste) and very refreshing. The tea was creamy and sweet. Our food, on the other hand, came after a thirty minute wait. We could see that there were many order slips in the kitchen but we never got a heads-up until later (read below). When our food finally came, we dug in. Almost immediately I began suffering. My “level 2 spice” noodle dish tasted like a level 99 spice dish. I don’t know what went wrong, why it went wrong, how or where it went wrong, but apparently my fellow diners believed it was an appropriate level 2 spice. I sat here blowing my nose and eating ice cubes at the spiciness. I then tried the curry, which happened to be LESS SPICY than what I had eaten from my noodles. Go figure. Anyway, the noodles were chewy and the sauce was sweet yet sour. Absolutely delicious. The curry was creamy, full of flavor, and understandably spicy. It came with a side of white rice. The bison pho was delicious as well. The broth was clean (for lack of a better word) and the meat was tender. After we had finished (and I had finished suffering), our waitress Stacy came by to ask about desert. We ordered a lava cake. That took fifteen minutes to arrive. Halfway through Stacy came back around and looked surprised that we hadn’t received our cake yet, saying “usually it comes out right away.” Eventually, the cake came, and with two scoops of vanilla ice cream to accompany it. The cake was delivered by our other waiter, who was apologetic and said that the kitchen was totally swamped in takeout orders and again reiterated that usually it would take much less time to dish out a lava cake. Anyway, the lava cake was decadent, gooey, and very not deficient in sugar. Closing thoughts? Thanks for the awesome service and a special hats off to Stacy. Food, delicious. Spice, killed me. Warm decor. Orders took a bit too long to come out. Otherwise, would recommend and come back again.

  • Joseph Zhang   Dec 26, 2021

    The food there was phenomenal. The food I ordered was curry and pho. The flavor just hit my ideal spot. It was very popular so my friends and I had to wait for a table when we first got there. The duck curry was very yummy according to my friend. It was recommended from some of my coworkers when they visited this place. Highly recommended. I was in Ada, WY for a business trip last summer and I wouldn't mind driving half an hour to eat at Teton Thai. So now you can see how much I like this place. The price is a little high but it is reasonable in a touristy town.

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