Teton Thai – Driggs

Teton Thai, North Main Street, Driggs, ID, USA

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  • szabolcs nagy   Oct 05, 2020

    A solid Thai restaurant, they are known for the Beef Noodle Soup. The ambiance is closer to a western/modern feel. Overall it is a comfortable restaurant, consistent and tasty.

  • Cameron Griffin   Oct 22, 2020

    Serviceable Thai food, but for the price I really expected more. Staff are not thai, so don't try to order food in the language, nor expect much regional cuisine specificity. I've had wrong order mixups, and several difficulties with to-go orders, so I would not recommend to-go orders. The decor and in-person dining is a great experience, food notwithstanding.

  • Mike Temple   Nov 14, 2020

    I've had Thai food at some of awesome places in Thailand, and this is as good as any I've had there, or better! Tom Ka Gai is top notch. Dumpling soup was as if I were on the streets of Beijing. Duck curry is off the chain! Ask to sit in Liam's section. If there was any complaints, it was that the mains were brought right alongside the appetizers. Kitchens, please stop doing this. Make sure you ask them to space it out, or better yet, don't order mains until the appetizers come.

  • Allen Johnson   Oct 02, 2020

    It’s been amazing the couple of times I’ve been there. The local beer is also great - my wife and I both love the English pale made on site. Would recommend stepping up the spice level by one more than your usual selection, seems a bit less spicy than some Thai I’ve had.

  • Inna Counts   Oct 30, 2020

    I and my husband ate there once and after that I couldn't wait for a next time experience. Today we ordered to take out the same dishes as the first time : duck noodle soup , chicken dumplings soup and egg rolls as an appetizer..Food is so delicious, full of flavors that this place is #1 for me for Thai and any food now..Also, very important thing is that second time was as good as the first one..The best! Looking forward to more great experiences in this place..

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