Teton Thai – Driggs

Teton Thai, North Main Street, Driggs, ID, USA

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  • Garret Greene   Jul 26, 2021

    The wait staff and food were great! Would recommend 100%.

  • Paul Hoelscher   Feb 13, 2021

    DELICIOUS PAD THAI, Great customer service. We eat there all the time, ordered to go the other night, and it wasn't up to their typical standards. Without any hesitation they were happy to replace the order, no questions asked. I loved the food, and handling the situation only made me love them more.

  • Mike Malloy   Jun 02, 2021

    The food is good but the portion on the Thai veggies was small. Pad Thai was better. They must have been understaffed as there was no bartender for 4 or 5 minutes and even after my order was taken no one offered me another beer while I waited for my to go meal. Everyone brags about this place but it only earns a solid "fair" from me. There were only 3 tables with guests when I arrived.

  • Nick Bales   Jul 20, 2021

    This place is “o.k” at best. Was impressed with the friendliness of their host…he needs a raise but was not impressed with our server. It is also extremely expensive for Thai food.

  • Stuart Cook   Jul 16, 2021

    Teton Thai is usually our first restaurant choice when we’re in town. Lately it’s been takeout, but dining in is great too now that we can. For me spice level 2 is just right. The fried rice is yummy, the portions generous and the prices reasonable.

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