Teton Thai – Driggs

Teton Thai, North Main Street, Driggs, ID, USA

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  • Penny Pink   Sep 13, 2021

    Great food and service. Always a favorite spot to hit when I am in Driggs. Great place for a date.

  • Joseph Zhang   Dec 26, 2021

    The food there was phenomenal. The food I ordered was curry and pho. The flavor just hit my ideal spot. It was very popular so my friends and I had to wait for a table when we first got there. The duck curry was very yummy according to my friend. It was recommended from some of my coworkers when they visited this place. Highly recommended. I was in Ada, WY for a business trip last summer and I wouldn't mind driving half an hour to eat at Teton Thai. So now you can see how much I like this place. The price is a little high but it is reasonable in a touristy town.

  • Krislyn Wallace   Dec 22, 2021

    We have been here lots and love this place. No reservations which is great they are kind and give good wait time estimates. Also, you won’t find a person standing around! Great atmosphere. Side note food is amazing!

  • Kara Smith   Apr 02, 2022

    We’re from Chicago and eat a lot of Thai food. Teton Thai was exceptional - started with the dumplings, yellow curry, and had the sticky rice for dessert. All of it was delicious. We’re coming back in July and are looking forward to eating here again.

  • Michael Vreeken   Apr 05, 2022

    I'm torn, because if you look at this restaurant just in the context of Driggs, it's 5 stars; but that's because there's only like 5 restaurants in the whole town and this town is strangely expensive. But if you compare it to restaurants in general this becomes 3 stars. The food is decent, and there's a good amount, but $10/appetizer and $20/entree seems excessive. I had their Pad Thai; $18 for the base entree, $3 extra to add chicken, $5 extra for beef. I've had better Pad Thai for half that price. Don't get me wrong, if you ate the food you wouldn't be disappointed by the flavor/taste/quantity; my complaint comes from it costing twice as much as comparable, if not even better, Thai restaurants; but you don't really have a choice in this town. So normally I would split the difference between 5 and 3 stars and mark this a 4, but they told us they were unable to split checks for parties larger than 4 (we were 5), and they arrogantly applied a 20% gratuity fee to our check, so I'm keeping this as a 3.

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