Teton Outpatient Services

150 Buffalo Way, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Ashley Vrska   Jan 23, 2020

    Everyone was so nice and patient there. They have an amazing staff and very impressive knowledge! I would drive from states away if I had to choose where to get surgery done again!

  • LeeAnna Guyett   Sep 21, 2017

    I recently was sent to this facility to have an epidural shot administered by Dr.Skeene. I needed the shot because I have a herniated disk that is pinching on my nerve in my neck. They told me the shot could help calm the aggravated nerve which was causing me pain. The procedure itself was no issue at all and the doctor and staff were wonderful. The issue came when I received two bills. One bill for 680.00 that said it was for my epidural and another bill for 1,350.00 for my epidural. Confused why I had two bills for the same thing I called billing and I was told that only the 680.00 was for the actual epidural the 1,350.00 was for the facility fee. Excuse me what?! No mention was given to me beforehand about the cost of using this facility, and I would have been perfectly happy going to Saint John's hospital, a hospital in Idaho, or even Star Valley's hospital. I feel cheated and now there's nothing I can do now, but pay these bills out of pocket and warn others. Go here with the full understanding it's going to cost you just to use their building, on top of the cost of the actual surgery

  • Brandy Bezilla   Sep 09, 2022

    Teton Outpatient Services is a breath of fresh air in the over priced, chaotic world of medicine. The staff is amazingly kind, patient, genuine, and competent. They work with you to help you get and afford the care and services you need. I was quoted a few different scenarios depending on how my surgery went, and they followed through exactly as quoted. Their team is just amazing! I'm so glad I was able to have my surgery here.

  • C S   Feb 10, 2023

    Wanted to get a procedure done and could only find doctors who would do this procedure in hospitals. When my insurance (and those doctors) wouldn't or couldn't give me a straight answer about how much would be covered or how much I'd be responsible for if the procedure was done in a hospital, I did some more research on how to get it done at an outpatient facility. I am so glad I did. Everyone at this facility was so amazingly professional and I could not have had a better experience. My pre op nurse Theresa was especially awesome - so patient, comforting and thorough with me. I waited until after all the bills came in to write a review to make sure I didn't get any unpleasant surprises. Everything went exactly as expected which I feel is rare today with medical issues/procedures. Thank you!!

  • Melissa Rochlitz   Mar 08, 2023

    Nurses and staff were great! The doctor did not tell me that he would be leaving the practice and when I had follow up questions after my procedure, the doctor was not available. I requested an itemized bill on several occasions but was refused every time.

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