Teton Motors

1020 W Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Christina Cartier   Oct 29, 2022

    Be ready to drop your vehicle off for a prescheduled (many weeks ahead) tire swap, only to learn at the end of the day (was told it would take all day which I had to take off from truck dependent work) that they did not have time to do it, but somehow sent all the last minute scheduled swaps in front of yours. Non existent communication and not sure who gets preferential treatment? Clearly not loyal decade long customers who schedule ahead.

  • Dan Simpson   Dec 15, 2022

    On vacation my check engine light came on. The service department is closed weekends, so Monday morning I dropped off my truck as directed by Bruce the service manager. He explained that all vehicles are worked on in the order they are received. Also he stated that it could take 3 weeks to diagnose my truck. 42 days days later this guy hasn’t touched my truck. I made numerous calls to Bruce, not 1 call returned. After being assigned to Nathan a great line of communication was opened. He didn’t always have good news, but he was transparent and honest. Bottom line, I needed a new engine. Again Bruce made no effort to resolve any issues with my truck. I finally emailed GM and Jim Auge (co-owner) to get the ball rolling. I was assured that Bruce understood that my truck was a priority and because it was the oldest ticket, the truck would be completed. He still made the decision to refuse to work on my truck and challenged me for contacting GM and the owner. So, I sent another email to the owner and he was able to get my truck complete and returned to me in only 62 days. I highly recommend that you seek out Nathan as your advocate if you are desperate enough to leave your vehicle in Teton Motors service department. He will be forthcoming and honest about your situation. Bruce will lie to your face, shake your hand, and the minute you leave the service department he will forget who you are or what he promised to do for you. I have to admit that I was completely surprised that I was asked to submit a review after my experience with Bruce.

  • Bill Thek   Dec 11, 2022

    When we decided to make a trip to Jackson we left Kemmerer early enough so we would arrive in time to complete a purchase during the Saturday business. We called Teton Motors when we were halfway there as they opened. Yancy was not certain the vehicle we had chosen was available as another person had expressed interest. We were somewhat disappointed but several minutes later he called back with the good news. When we arrived in Jackson Yancy was on target, brought the vehicle to us for inspection and the process began. Though he had some glitches with the computer system he quickly figured out the problem, solved it and we were able to make our purchase. Thank you Yancy, great job, you do Teton Motors proud. Mary & Bill Thek

  • James Holley   Feb 11, 2022

    Teton Motors is impressive. I had been looking for a used car for weeks to replace my totaled Jeep Compass. The new Chevrolet Trailblazer fought my eye. I drove one in Salt Lake and wanted to buy it but the dealership had already sold it. I expanded my search. Nothing in Salt Lake. I found a beautiful black 2022 Trailblazer RS at Teton Motors in Jackson, WY. I called and spoke to Jon. The Trailblazer was on a test drive. He called me back later to tell me it was available. I wanted to buy it. The price was good and he made it better by finding additional incentives. I wanted to pay with cash, check ir cashiers check. Teton Motors was happy with any form of payment and didn’t bother trying to get me to finance. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 We discussed options for delivery. I chose to drive to Wyoming and pick it up. John gathered my info on the phone. I paid $500 by card to hold the vehicle. He and the team at Teton prepared all paperwork before arrival. Two days later I drove to Teton Motors and 30 minutes after arriving at the dealership, I left with my new Trailblazer. What a great dealership experience. I have never seen better. Thank you Jon and team for making a great Trailblazer buying experience.

  • Renault Smith   Jun 02, 2022

    1,600 miles from home on vacation., My Colorado battery died. I got a jump and drove straight to Teton motors Chevrolet in Jackson, Wyoming. Service department was going to close in 40 minutes and I explained to their service writer, Nathan, my situation. He kind enough to help me out, he did a check and saw the battery was dead and replaced it under warranty. Great dealership and thoughtful staff.

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