Teton County School District #1

1235 Gregory Ln, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Steven Genzer   Apr 21, 2021
  • Juan G√≥mez   Oct 02, 2014

    It is very, very good school

  • Ann M Johnson   Oct 11, 2017

    I just read a very disturbing story on a reputable online news site. Below is a question that an English teacher had as part of a test based on a book by George Orwell called Animal Farm. The full question read: "Napoleon has the gun fired for a new occasion. What is the new occasion?" He was shooting at Trump His birthday For completion of the windmill To scare off the attackers of Animal Farm. The online quiz was based on George Orwell's novel, "Animal Farm," I was very appalled to read this most disturbing story about a teacher who is supposed to be "teaching" student's English. Apparently this teacher is very angry (still) that Donald Trump is our POTUS and they are possibly a Liberal/Democrat. I truly believe this so called "teacher" is very disturbed in the head or as a professional would call it (mentally challenged). Further they are full of so much hate that you would have an answer in a Public school that suggests shooting at President Trump would actually be an answer or shooting at any President. I would not send my child to a school like this and this so called "teacher" should be fired immediately.

  • Berta Wetzel   Jan 09, 2022

    With Omicron Covid booming in Teton County, our Board of Education decided no longer to require masks in our schools! My almost 6 year old kindergartner granddaughter who has been vaccinated tested positive for Covid today! Brilliant decision Teton County Board of Education!! If I could have given no stars or negative stars, I would have.

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