Teton County Parks & Recreation

155 E Gill Ave, Jackson, WY 83001

  • Michael Matthews   Apr 10, 2022

    This is an amazing rec center! Not only is the facility top notch but the staff are wonderful people, always welcoming and helpful. I've been coming here annually for the past 5 years and the opportunity to swim my laps while traveling is priceless. Their protocol for covid is very proactive as is Jackson Hole in general. I'll be back to Teton Parks Recreation Center.

  • Jasmine Angulo   Jun 11, 2022

    My husband and I were camping close by and needed a shower. The locker rooms were super nice and the women’s locker room had blow dryers too and a basket with womanly items. I would definitely go back!

  • S Trib   Aug 31, 2022

    We were camping and exploring the park and didn't have access to showers. I would absolutely recommend going here, they have a day pass for $7 or $5 military. Only mistake wasn't having swim trunks to sit in the hot tub after hiking all day!

  • Alisa Crowley   Nov 04, 2022

    This is October, "shoulder season", so kids in school, relatively no tourists, just locals.  The Recreation center is under construction, which is understandable and workable - parking was fine. I visited multiple times over the week I was in Jackson Hole and felt like a child being told "you can't go there",  "that pool is off limits", "you have to have a reservation for this pool", "you have to pay extra for this pool". So here is the Recreation pool set up - Remember this is off season and no one was in the building - maximum people in the water that I saw was 5 in any given time frame - minus 1 small child swimming group that came in one morning on 1 day. You can use these and only these with your $7 entry fee. Wet Sauna Dry Sauna Jacuzzi pool NO pool use allowed for this entry fee Here are the other pools you can't use with your $7 entry fee. * Therapy pool - need reservation and can only do 1 hour, information which I was not told when paying for the entry fee and had to leave a couple of times due to this lack of information provided.  One of the days made a reservation for 2 hours for the next day at the front desk - all was well and good - UNTIL I was told half way through my 2 hour reservation that you were only allowed to make 1 hour reservations - AGAIN information that was not told to me EVER when making the reservation.  Yet again being made to feel like a child or that you were a bother to those who "knew the system", the locals. * Lap pool - this is an extra charge if you want to use this * Kiddie pool - was not used at any time during the week in the multiple hours I was there, morning and afternoon - yet I was kicked out of it when I walked into it, to sit in the water and read my book. * Slide/other pool - you aren't allowed to use this pool either, as I saw someone else asked to leave that pool, even though it had been empty for the week I was there. The Jackson Hole Recreation Center is not a very welcoming place for "tourists" or those of us who don't know all the "Unwritten Rules".  Not really a place I would plan to go back to as it's not very welcoming to the tourist people.  I just don't understand the "Unwritten rules" especially it being off season and there was literally no one in the pools.

  • Alex H   Jun 17, 2022

    Great place to spend an afternoon. The waterside was great and is supper fast. The key is to ride on your heels and shoulder blades. The hotub was nice, but could have been a little bigger to accommodate larger crowds. The sauna was open as well as the therapy pool and diving board. The lockers were clean, large, and new and there was soap provided for showers. They have a mini slide that adults can use as well as children. The staff were very friendly and helped make it a great time.

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