Teton County Library

Teton County Library Jackson Wyoming 83001-1629

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  • Stephen Shibuya   Sep 07, 2022

    The Teton County Library is great. Very friendly and helpful staff. They will try to get most books that are not in the library catalog. Their e book collection continues to improve. Meeting rooms can be reserved. It is great to have this library in town.

  • Julianna-Grace Agnini   Sep 15, 2022

    Love this library! The staff here are so friendly, and the atmosphere provided a great place to study or read. I rented a study room here for 2 hours, which was really easy to book online and a great place for a meeting. Additionally, they have a cool area called the Book Nook I believe where they have used books for sale for $2! Great deal. This library is great!!

  • Adam Figuracion   Nov 05, 2021

    Very nice library, but they’re stuck on hygiene theatre with their cleaning policy for Covid. It’s very inconvenient and silly when the CDC previously said there’s a 1 in 10,000 chance of getting Covid from a surface.

  • georgia mullane   Aug 26, 2023

    Was quite enjoying our time here, lovely building and heaps of space. 1 star goes to the elderly lady that called me out saying "mam, you need to wear shoes in the library". My slides were sitting right next to me. Thanks but that was unnecessary. You kept walking away as I was trying to explain that I had my shoes right beside me, quite rude.

  • Stephanie Kelly   Jul 14, 2023

    I have never had a negative experience here until today. When a mother brought in two toddlers who were very audibly disturbing the peace. One would figure a staff member might say something when this disruptive behavior persisted for 20-30 minutes. Again, the environment and staff has never been anything but helpful to me, but given that most people are working or studying in here and prefer not to be around small children when trying to focus, I am hoping a semi-poor review might ensure future enforcing of items 1 and 6 in the library’s general policies.

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