Teton Barber Shop

155 W Gill Ave, Jackson, WY 83001, USA

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  • Jason Thomas   Mar 16, 2022

    I'm leaving a 2 because they were really nice and everyone else seemed happy. However the guy who cut my hair asked if I wanted a 2 clipper and I said that was way too short because I normally use a four or a five. Well, I left with a high and tight that was a 2 clipper or less. Haven't had a haircut this bad since boot camp 20 years ago.. but it's probably my fault - I made the mistake of admitting that I was from California when I first sat down. Oops 😔 I'll definitely be shopping for a hat tonight! I initially left a three to be nice but I can't even live with this haircut I have to go find someone to fix it. He left some kind of reverse duck thing going on in the front and cut the sides incredibly short to where my skin is showing. I hope somebody can fix it. I read a couple other reviews where he did the same thing to other people so watch out...

  • Lloyd Shelton   Sep 16, 2022

    Very friendly, good haircut. The place is busy but they always have someone for walk ins.

  • Jared Herbert   Jul 14, 2022

    I’ve been trying to contact these people to make an appointment for two weeks. Consistently don’t answer phone. Don’t return calls or messages… and don’t offer online appointment setting. So basically, if you are a working person, there is no way you can get a haircut. Very annoying considering they are one of two barbershops in town

  • Jeff Galin   Aug 03, 2022

    Don’t waste your time, this is the worst run barbershop ever !! I arrived as a walk in, was told “ I would be next”, after sitting for 30 mins a chair opened. At that point, I stood up, and the barber said politely that she would be “right back” as she needed to use the restroom. All is cool at this point until she returns and exclaims “that you will have to wait, as I have an appointment”!!!! That would have been nice to know 30 mins prior !!

  • Nathaniel Cornille   Oct 21, 2022

    I came to this barber shop having a great day feeling excited to take on the day after a week of working as a Wildlife Tour Guide (60 hours per week). I get there and I see an adorable and friendly golden retriever pup (only reason this is 2 stars instead of 1 star) but the hairstylist on the other hand could learn a thing or two from this pup. She's rude, demanding, non conversational, and seems to have no care or compassion for me as a person (let alone as a customer). And maybe she had a bad day. Fine. But you don't have the luxury of taking your bad day out on customers when you rely on tips. I don't have the luxury of taking out my bad days out on customers as a tour guide and I certainly can't expect tips if I were to be rude. I absolutely won't be returning. And from the numerous 1 star reviews I see with no response. The owners don't care either.

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