Targhee Fest

3300 Ski Hill Rd, Alta, WY 83414, USA

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  • Austin Walker   Jul 15, 2022

    When I first arrived at the resort the food and atmosphere was great. However, whenever I came to my room there was a broken pull out bed, half broken shower, and no air conditioning (only fans). In order to sleep comfortably we had to open the front window (no screen) and the patio door with 2 fans to share throughout the room.

  • Maya B   Jun 18, 2022

    Stayed in the summer. The rooms are nicer than a basic hotel but less than a more updated hotel. Our check in guy said “we’re not first class but we’re not white trash” we thought it was funny. Its 23 minutes from driggs but closer to the hiking we wanted to do. I would’ve given it 4 stars but the room directly above us was full of elephants stomping around causing us to not be able to sleep well. Like that it’s dog friendly tho

  • Sammy Danko   Sep 04, 2022

    We paid about $150 plus tax per night. The rooms and bathrooms haven’t been updated in the last 30 years. I think the resort is being rated mostly by visitors who never stay inside rooms. Don’t get me wrong outside is beautiful. The food and service in the grill restaurant was great as well. However…. Room was old, carpet is dirty. I stepped by the side of the carpet in the hallway and I thought the floor will gave in probably because shower is leaking on the other side and wooden floor is rotten. No outlets by the beds. Old furniture, questionable smell, room is small and pretty ugly. It was clean but hair in the shower was a big turn off and there was a big bug in the bathroom. Shower is dripping water. I wouldn’t pay more than $65 for such accommodations but I guess because of location other people pay so much. I can say I am very dissatisfied and will never stay here again. I heard the newer building is better but I am not taking any chances and will go for day visit only. I thought maybe a one time lift ticket was included in price since it is September, but its not. So do not expect anything nice in this “resort” room.

  • Alan Taylor   Aug 01, 2022

    In the restaurant, it really depends on who is taking care of you -- you'll get great service from most waiters and absolutely terrible service from a few others. Some will fill your glass with fresh water (they will let the tap run a bit longer) and others will fill it with rusty water. Occasionally, some will purposely get your order wrong and others will try hard to get you what you asked for. Some of the help on the ski lifts are fairly crazy. One lift attendant would walk down the magic carpet directly toward me and at the last minute jump off. He'd do it over and over again. It was the strangest thing I'd ever seen. The ski rental is usually ok but everytime I've been there I've had to go back during the day for one of my kids (usually the same one every year they must have had something against him). For a couple years he had his skis fall off just by turning. Another year, he was given boots of different sizes for each foot. Besides these occurrences there are some people who try to do a good job and actually are courteous and grateful for working there. Targhee is one of the best ski hills in the world so the snow never disappoints.

  • Spencer Lyman   Nov 17, 2022

    This place was EXCELLENT. The vibe, the mountain, the terrain, the difficulty, the friendliness, everything about this resort was wonderful. I even enjoyed the fog that rolled in and covered the peak for some time. I love to snowboard in that. It was such an adventure being here at Targhee. The terrain park was off the charts with its combination of rails and kickers. Our family really enjoyed this place.

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