3465 N Pines Way #103, Wilson, WY 83014, USA

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  • Parker Johnson   Jan 06, 2020

    The food was tasty but the portions were quite small for the price. Our party and others, however, had several issues, namely receiving food that wasn't what we ordered. They were accommodating, though it was highly frustrating, as people were getting hungry in the meantime.

  • Jansen Dahl   Jan 23, 2020

    The manager (who was also hosting tonight) was very attentive and kept me updated on the status of my take out order. they don’t typically do takeouts so i appreciated the ability to bring three sushi rolls home to the fam. highly recommend Sudachi.

  • Joe Polasik   Aug 05, 2020

    Great staff, great food! Super expensive, be prepared. 2x what the average place costs.

  • Miles Pember   Oct 15, 2020

    Highly overpriced for what you get. Not terrible by any means but the meal was worth probably 50% of what we ended up paying.

  • richardbrownmusic1   Aug 27, 2020

    WARNING!! This merchant is taking advantage of the Corona situation. I will start by saying the food is excellent. That is not the issue. We ordered dinner last night to take home. The cost seemed a little high so I checked the itemized bill. On the bill was a $13.00 charge for “take out.” Believe me, it is not the $13.00 that bothers me, it is the principle that in these days of the Corona Pandemic when people are being encouraged to take their food home to eat, why all of a sudden this restaurant is charging a $13.00 service charge to take the food out. We have been bringing food home from many restaurants in JH over the summer and not one of them has charged for takeout. I questioned the owner and I have to say his attitude towards this customer was less than appreciated. I asked him if I had my dinner in the restaurant and didn’t finish my meal would I be charged for the box to take it home. Of course, he said “no.” I also reminded him that by taking my food home he saves money on dishwashing. My question was why would he charge to take the food home to eat. I let him know that if they continue to charge for takeout, we would not be coming back. His answer to me was “I have been here at this restaurant 6 years and I don’t recognize your face (perhaps, it was because I was wearing my mask) and I couldn’t care less if you don’t want to eat here again.” On their website, it encourages you to take food out, and nowhere does it say a service charge will be added to your bill for the privilege of taking the food home. “We will also begin receiving TAKE-OUT orders at 4pm, please call us to get you order in, as take out slots fill up quickly for the evening.” I am sad that this happened because we very much enjoy the food, but we will not return when the attitude of the owner was such as it was last night. There are plenty of welcoming restaurants in JH.

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