Suda Izakaya

SUDA Izakaya, North Cache Street, Jackson, WY, USA

Bringing the spirit of Japanese Izakaya dining to Jackson Hole. Serving sushi, sashimi, ramen, kushiyaki, sandos, grilled local meats, wine and sake.

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  • Kaushik Ghosh   Jan 26, 2023

    This is one of the best Japanese food we had. Tonkatsu Ramen was very flavorful. The Katsu was a great appetizer, crisp and juicy. Staff was extremely courteous and paid attention to detail. Will definitely recommend if you are in the area

  • Darrell Alspaw   Feb 03, 2022

    Excellent selection and excellent service. Our server Morgan provided excellent recommendations and superb service. Price was as expected for the locale. Chefs choice sashimi had Hawaiian, Japanese, and New Zealand sashimi, with fresh Hawaiian seaweed salad. Uni nigiri, and Citrus Tako. Octopus, lemon, tobiko, ponzu, shiso, and tograrshi, presentations where visually pleasing. Served with Junmai Nigori. Finished with Black Sesame ice-cream with Sesame brittle.

  • John Boy Talon   Dec 17, 2022

    This was absolutely the funnest dining experience we have ever had. Allow me to explain. You can order off the menu and it will be a wonderful experience, guaranteed. However, I recommended you throw all abandon to the wind and order the Emperor's ****** (sorry but I can't remember what it is called, LoL). Essentially, it is a blind tasting of whatever the kitchen sends out, to include drinks should you choose that addition; and it keeps coming until you tap out. It is WELL worth the price (two of us spent $340 before the tip). The food was phenomenal, the service was EXCEPTIONAL, and we had a blast...and I had a 28lb food baby. Not knowing what we were eating next added a certain intrigue to our meal. Our favorite was the ramen. That is saying something since that was our final course OUT OF TEN, prior to dessert which made eleven, and we were already stuffed. Not one bad dish at Suda, just varying degrees of goodness. If you find yourself in Jackson, WY be sure to make a reservation at Suda and prepare to have the best Japanese cuisine this side if Tokyo (and yes...I've eaten in Tokyo).

  • Qiaoyi Liu   Mar 03, 2022

    We love this place, the decoration is modern, great vibe for izakaya experience in a mountain state. The services are professional and welcome, we added some dishes in the last minute and it came out exactly as the time the server proof. Speaking of the food, the fried stuff taste delicious, the grill are cooked perfectly and the rolls had balanced seasoning and texture. All the food are presented stunting like a master piece of art. However, we are a little bit disappointed about the sashimi. They were chilled, it could be better considering its price tag. But in all, we have a wonderful experience and celebrating the trip in Jackson hole.

  • Emmy Hackshaw   Jan 29, 2022

    We spent a week in JH for our honeymoon and ended up at SUDA Izakaya two nights in a row because it was SO. GOOD. The experience was amazing, especially because of our server both nights, Morgan 💕. We loved Morgan!!!! Thank you to Morgan for the amazing recommendations and all of her knowledge of the menu. It was definitely worth coming twice, because the menu is extensive. We ate as much as we could the first night, then really honed in on our favorites. I couldn't say enough good things.

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